Thursday, June 30, 2011

Orange royale

Necklace: gift from parents
Top: Anthro
Belt: Target
Dress as skirt: Anthro
Wedges: Target

This is the very first outfit I came up with looking at my 30 for 30 picks at the beginning of the challenge. I have to admit that while putting something underneath a dress has been easy, putting something over it to segment the dress has not. I'd like to do this a couple more times while the 30 is ongoing, at least with my green and yellow dress.

My best friend from college, E., sent me a frozen ice pop maker as a belated birthday gift! I am so excited for some frozen orange juice pops I can hardly stand it. She sent a card along with the pop maker which, among other things, recommended a website called Bakers Royale, where I found this recipe that makes me want to squeal with excitement. I'm so on it I'm almost off it.


  1. Your skirt is so colorful and lovely! =) You are cute. Im following now and maybe youll visit me some day.

  2. I really like the mix of gray and orange. It's not a color mesh I would have thought about, but it looks awesome!

  3. Where are you, girl??
    Haha sorry to bother you for a new post when I myself have clearly made no progress. I just hope all is well and look forward to seeing more of your thirty days : )

  4. I am craving a creamsicle REAL bad now. Thanks Jess. Yeah I need to be better about layering the dresses, this belted look is fab.

  5. cool blog

  6. Oh goodness I have some catching up to do!

    The Bookness: thank you so much! I'm a follower of your blog and I remember coming across it a while ago and wishing I had pictures as ethereal as yours. Love.

    Elle thank you! I really wasn't too sure about either but you know, there's this rule that everything you buy from Anthro can go with everything else you buy from Anthro. Totally a rule I just made up but I've decided it works!

    Isabella: I'm back I'm back! Sorry for the absence! And hop to, darlin, you've got work to do ;) but until then I'll try my best to keep you entertained!

    Monks: you are welcome. Everyone needs a little creamsicle in life, right? I mean really. & thank you :) I'm starting to dig the belt of shirt look.

    Julia_Julia: thank you! :)