Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Top: Target
Belt: Target
Skirt: JCPenney
Wedges: Crown Vintage/DSW

We've reached the halfway point and looking back there is still at least one item I have not worn (my black and white polka dot skirt). I'm not sure if there are any others--I hadn't worn these shoes until today but ta da, here they are! I've been wanting to wear them but a few of my past outfits haven't looked that great with them. I'm glad I finally had the chance to pull them on, though pulling them off was another story. Why are the zippers fighting me? Are my shoes that desperate to be worn? I'm sorry, shoes! I'll wear you more often, I promise! But I need to shower and leather should not get wet! LET ME LET YOU GO

My hair looks awesome today, and when I say awesome I mean utterly disheveled. There was, shockingly, a touch of The Wind this afternoon and it did a number on the general location of my hair. Oh well, at least it didn't blow it all off. Yet. Rue the day that happens! My head will be so much colder when I go curling then.


  1. I love this outfit! girl, you are looking fierce today.

  2. I thought this was a dress at first--it looks awesome together!

  3. Aww Brooke thank you! I quite love this outfit and I'm really pleased with how the pictures came out :)

    Rebekah thank you so much! When I was first looking at them together I thought nah, too busy, but then I tried them on and bam, outfit!

    K: thank you! I'm feeling it too :D

  4. So I need to steal this outfit! I love it! Colors, wedges, fit and flow... it has everything!

  5. Aww Meghan thank you! I'm really happy so many of y'all have liked how this outfit turned out :)