Thursday, June 2, 2011

June wish list

omg you guys I forgot about wish list! Things have been so crazy with New York that it totally flew my mind. So here we go!

This dress. Come on. Look at it. The colours are awesome. I'm not usually big on asymmetrical necklines but this one works.

I have been meaning for weeks/months/years to roll on down to my local Talbots (which I pass on the daily) and I never have. I know, old people stuff. But this skirt is adorable and comes in not one but TWO shades of green. I'm still looking for a green skirt. We'll see about that.

At BEA last week my boss and I were waiting in line for...something or other (we waited in line for basically everything) and the woman in front of us was wearing a pair of Toms. My boss said I was "the Toms type" (read: HIPSTER) but I've honestly never worn them and really they look pretty dweeby BUTBUTBUT glitter? Ok, I'm in.

Elle turned me on to the wonders of DVR. I need this because a) I'm working during White Collar this summer and b) how am I going to watch all my football games when they're on three different channels? This is a necessity. #richpeopleproblems

What are you wishing for this June?


  1. I don't know what I would do without my DVR! Love it! Also, I love the look of Toms on others (especially the glitter), but yet have never bought a pair for myself. I think that needs to change!!

  2. Oh Kim I so agree--I really like Toms on other people but I never considered actually buying a pair until my boss brought it up.

    Aaaaaand I need a DVR. Yes.

  3. DVR is totally worth it! I have no idea when anything is on anymore.
    I agree with the Talbots too! I have bought some really cute skirts from there including one that is similar to the one pictured but is this crazy shade of lime green. They also sometimes have very cute dresses - a little on the pricey side though.
    Hmmm wish list: I'm drooling over the Calliope Dress from Anthropologie. It's kind of like a Hawaiian version of the dresses my grandma used to wear. I can't even begin to explain why that appeals to me. And I'm lusting after The Fleetwood boots on the Sundance Catalog website and I don't even wear cowboy boots.

  4. Talbots is so not for old people! I mean, I was dying to wear it as a teen but the cuts never flattered my nubile body... Now that I've "filled out" (as my mom lovingly puts it), Talbots is the best. I especially love the petite section, even though I'm 5'6'' - slightly shorter hems make for leggier looks.

  5. Elle: Yes! I've been lusting after Talbots skirts for a while now. I've been wary of pulling the trigger just because their stuff is so expensive but really it's on par with Anthro in terms of prices and you get what you pay for, right? And I love the boots you mentioned. Gorgeous.

    FSTM: You're right! And I think actually it's because of you that I ever really looked at the Talbots website and changed my mind about their stuff. Also I am taking your style advice and running with it! I've always loved highwaters on other people.