Monday, June 13, 2011

On Wawa

Necklace: Anthro
Top: JCPenney
Skirt: JCPenney
Wedges: Target
Fingers: Zoya Carmen

Have you ever seen It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia? It's a close approximation of what Philadelphia is actually like. There really are Wawas on every street and people are crazy. I know because I grew up an hour from there and that makes me an expert*!

When people ask me what I miss most about New Jersey, I always say Wawa. Until the age of 21, I was surrounded by Wawas in both NJ and Virginia, where I went to college. Every time I travel up north, I bring back a haul of Wawa lemonade tea (there's some in my fridge right now), which I drank almost daily in college, and I always get some Wawa mac and cheese, which is quite seriously the best mac and cheese I've ever eaten. I know Wawa inside out and there is a hole in my heart without it.

A hole. In. My. Heart. This is seriously serious*.

*not really


  1. Great outfit to kick off the 30 for 30! Also I must go to Wawa at some point in my life.

  2. I had to go to your link because I had no idea what Wawa was - I thought you were talking about a fruit. Which in that context makes it a whole different thing. I was thinking - what kind of fruit only grows in Philadelphia and New Jersey? hahahahahaha! Great skirt and great shoes!!

  3. Cathy: yes yes yes! Everyone needs to go to Wawa at some point in his or her life.

    Elle: hahahahahahahaha, kind of like kiwi or something? That's too funny. What kind of fruit only grows in NJ and Philly? The cheese steak, of course ;) Thank you!