Monday, June 17, 2013

What to wear to a St. Vincent concert

St. Vincent and David Byrne
June 15 @ 8PM
Thomas Wolfe Auditorium, US Cellular Center, Asheville, NC

This is how C. looked.

This is how I looked.

I thought I'd post what my friends and I are wearing to concerts this summer, because apparently there are a LOT of questions about what constitutes solid concert apparel! I'm not sure this will help anyone any, but it's fun to see what people wear at concerts anyway.

There were a lot of old people at this concert (must've been the David Byrne appeal), but it was a really good concert and very well performed. I told C. that aside from the Justin Bieber concert, this one was probably the most choreographed concert I've seen. The usher was pretty pissy about us taking photos before we left, but she needed to a) deal with it and b) be better at customer service.

You will encounter C. again in a couple of weeks, when we go see Kesha together!

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