Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Style Imitating Art: Aspens, Northern New Mexico

It's Style Imitating Art time! As a reminder, this week's inspiration was Aspens, Northern New Mexico by the great Ansel Adams. Let's get started! (Wednesday night side note: I logged on tonight to check on comments and...apparently I didn't click Publish. Fail. I apologize that this post is late!)

Stephanie said that this was a great choice for a winter palette, which I didn't even think of but she's totally right! And she looks awesome--I've never thought to wear a maxi skirt in the winter but I'm going to have to do it now!

I was really hoping someone would pull out some plaid this week, and Mike delivered! He looks ready to spend some time among the aspens.

I am really excited about Kezzie of Kezzie AG's pattern. It matches the tree in front so well!

Melissa of Peace and Crumbs did a wonderful job styling her outfit--I love the little details like the stripes on her skirt and the circle belt!

AW at Rabbit Style News is participating in SIA for the first time, and I hope she sticks around! She looks incredibly sharp.

First of all, I'm still so in love with Jen's bangs (they frame your face so well!). Her post on Librarian for Life and Style details her super-textured outfit, which is a great way to interpret this week's inspiration!

I love Erin of Loop Looks' camel coat--it compliments the feel of Aspens perfectly!

Noelle of The Classy Junk has more chutzpah than I do because all weekend during our snow storm I just wore yoga pants. She looks awesome!

My cocreator of SIA, Salazar of 14 Shades of Grey, looks super ready for crappy weather. I usually look like a frump in long coats so I am quite jealous!

And there's me. My quest for cords that fit FINALLY came to a happy end!

Thank you all for participating! It's so exciting to have a big crowd this week!

Monday, January 25, 2016

Aspens quiver

Jacket: Loft Outlet | Top: Gap Factory | Camisole: Gap Factory | Pants: Loft Outlet | Boots: Belk

My camera REALLY struggled to take these photos. I can't decide if it's because it's just not doing well, or if it's because it sat in the cold in my car for two weeks. To be fair, if I had to sit in the cold in my car for two weeks, I wouldn't work too well either.

Check back tomorrow for this week's Style Imitating Art roundup!

Monday, January 18, 2016


Aspens, Northern New Mexico, by Ansel Adams
1958, gelatin silver print

2016 is the centennial of the National Park Service, and I've thought so much about our public lands over the last few months. I'm lucky to have been able to visit a number of our national parks over my lifetime (Shenandoah was my first, and Congaree--one of the least visited NPs in America--is in my state and I go every year!), and my friend S. has made a life goal of visiting every national park in America. I'm running a half marathon (!) at a national park in September, god willing and the creek don't rise. And this year's summer reading theme at work is based around the national parks, to tie into the centennial celebration. When I think of the national parks, and what beauty they hold and how they look...well, no one's ever captured it better than Ansel Adams. This week's SIA inspiration is one of his photographs, taken of aspen trees in northern New Mexico (you probably already gleaned that from the title of the photograph). If you don't know who Ansel Adams is, it's impossible for me to adequately explain who he was and the kind of influence he had on the state of American photography, but do check out the Google image search results for him. That should help.

Please email me your photos of outfits inspired by this week's SIA by Monday, January 25th. Enjoy!