Saturday, June 22, 2013

What to wear to a New Kids on the Block concert

The Package Tour
featuring New Kids on the Block, 98 Degrees, and Boyz II Men
June 19 @ 7:30PM
Time Warner Cable Arena, Charlotte, NC

T. wore:

E. wore:

I wore:

This is what it looked like trying to get into the arena:

I swear to you, this is what the main entrance to my high school looked like every single morning. We were bottlenecked by five metal detectors. 2400 people, 10 security guards, 5 metal detectors. Chew on that for a second and come back to me.

Welcome back. T. had a panic attack when she woke up Wednesday morning, because she thought it was the morning of the Kesha concert. And as she put it, she "didn't have any glitter!!!" (If you knew this woman you would know that she has about 50 varieties of glitter.) And then she realised it was Package Tour night, and she chilled out. I had a really easy time dressing for this concert--T. and E. are really laid back, and we all just kind of threw something on. There were women walking into the arena in club clothes and 5 inch heels, and my feet hurt just looking at them.

The concert itself was kind of intense. An arena filled with screaming 20 and 30something women? Yikes. Boyz II Men performed for half an hour, then 98 Degrees came out and did some pretty creepy things. After a 10 minute intermission, New Kids on the Block came out, but not before a video announcement that asked if we were ready to have the best two hours of our lives. Two hours. And it was legit, too. I have no idea what happened during those two hours, but it was insane. It was a blur. I had residual hearing difficulties the next day. It was something indeed.

Next Thursday, Kesha & Pitbull! You'll see T. there too :)

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