Monday, June 6, 2011

I beg your pardon

Hat: Target
Brooch: antiqued
Dress: Target
Wedges: Target

My coworker D. said I looked awesome today. Then he dubbed this dress "watercolour camo". Whaaaaaaaaaat? Way to negate the compliment, D. But I love this dress I dug out of clearance at Target (of course), despite the chest area being miles too large and baggy. I fixed that with one safety pin at the waist and one brooch at the chest. DONE. I'm not sure if I want to sew it down permanently because it creates a pretty lovely deep but not sleazy v neck when unpinned, but that's a bit too salacious for the workplace.

I actually planned to take these pictures in front of a red-orange wall, but it was hot and very near teenagers so I skipped it in favour of a giant graffiti wall instead. Because if there's one thing I love, it's pattern clashing with more pattern! I didn't think it through. I'm like the dad in all those paper towel commercials who never puts the lid on the blender before using it. Except I've never used a blender and if I did I sure wouldn't do it with my little kid stand next to me. I don't need a little kid laughing at me in my darkest hour of blender tragedy.


  1. what a lovely dress!

  2. Thank you lots, booklush! I really love it :)

  3. That wall is awesome! I am glad those teenagers were in the way. (: I can see what your coworker meant when he called your dress watercolor camo, though. In a lovely, summery way!

  4. Haha thanks Sarah! I'm a big fan of that wall--two stories high! Amazing. I guess I can't fault D. because it pretty much is watercolour camo. At least it looks a little flowery too!

  5. Totally gorgeous dress! And those shoes are perfect with it! :)

    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights

  6. Love the dress! The shoes are a great complement to it as well.
    I don't blame you for avoiding the teenagers they can be trixy. :)

  7. Very cute. Jealous of your dress find. Holla to Horton in your last pic. :)

  8. Laura thank you so much! I thought red + green would be Christmasy but I think the dress isn't too green to make it weird.

    Thanks Elle! Yeah teenagers...I know I'm an adult and above that but whatever, teenagers scare the living shit out of me.

    Meghan: thank you very much! Peep your Target, there were a ton still left on the rack when I was at mine. Also this wall has a lot of Dr. Seuss characters on it...I'm not totally sure why but I like it!