Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Lady Folding a Letter, by Louise √Člisabeth Vig√©e Le Brun
1784, oil on canvas

That is one hell of a hat.

Send your interpretation of this week's Style Imitating Art inspiration to Salazar by Monday, November 17th to be included in the next roundup! There is some excellent texture in this piece of art, so enjoy it!

Monday, November 3, 2014

HGTV or bust

Cardigan: Target | Camisole: JCPenney | Skirt: made by me | Wedges: Target | Hospital nails: butter London All Hail the Queen & Wallis and China Glaze Choo Choo Choose You

I only wore this outfit for about long enough to take photos, I'm not going to lie. I've been almost exclusively in tee shirts and pajama pants since I got home from the hospital last week, and I'll probably continue to do so until the 10th, when my stitches come out. I'm really looking forward to Monday--I am SO itchy! I'm not even in pain anymore, but between the healing scar and the gauze tape on my back, I am practically rolling in my chair to scratch everything. Oof. My boyfriend helped me downstairs today so I could raid my closet for SIA, and when I got back upstairs I was huffing and puffing like I had just run a 5k. It sucks to feel THAT out of shape, but I know it's temporary. I've been keeping myself busy with lots of cross stitch and reading and watching HGTV, because that is my jam. I can't wait to get all better so I can break out my table saw and cut some wood. (Not a euphemism.)

Style Imitating Art: Canyon

HELLO, everyone! Thank you to all of you who have reached out to ask me how I'm doing or to offer support or just let me know that you're around. I'm going to post more in my individual outfit post, but suffice to say--I'm feeling really good for only being six days post-op! But anyway, way more important than that is this week's Style Imitating Art roundup! Just as a reminder, this week's piece is Canyon by Helen Frankenthaler. Let's get to it!

First is Stephanie, whose outfit is a perfect match for this week's inspiration. I absolutely love the heels and the pleating on the skirt! Adorable.

Next is Erin at Loop Looks, and she has a great classy casual look going. I especially love the scarf--it carries the idea of the canyon and nature even further!

The last time Jen of Librarian for Life and Style included this umbrella in an SIA roundup, I FORGOT to include her picture! Not this time though. I love that she added some pattern to her outfit--and it works with the painting, too! Yesssss.

Kezzie of KezzieAG looks adorable in her orange dress! And her boots match her cardigan perfectly. I love it.

I kind of feel like rust is Salazar's colour. It looks amazing on her! For more photos of her outfit, check out 14 Shades of Grey.

Isabella of Adventures in HEL has apparently only just started wearing orange and green together. WHAT? After all the famous duos that are orange and green, like green apples and oranges or clown fish and...uhhhh never mind. Either way, she looks awesome!

And then there's me--upright and wearing a skirt!

Thank you all for participating this week! It's always fascinating to see how differently we all interpret one piece of artwork. Well done, y'all!