About me

Hi there!

I'm Jess. I'm 28, and I live in the area of South Carolina known (to myself) as Cardiganland. It's about as far from the beach as you can get while still being in this state.

I'm a librarian. I do a lot of things with regard to being a librarian, including buying music, reading books, showing people how to download ebooks, break copiers, send emails, write lists and learning what the hell a BNC is.

My favourite pastimes include curling, horseback riding, getting tattoos, going to New Jersey (where I was born and raised), and taking photos of myself.

clearly i am vain!

I started this blog as a way to track my outfits and avoid too much repetitiveness in my style, but it's morphed since then into a diary mostly of what I wear, as well as home for all the niblets of my life that I have nowhere else to put.

Topics you can expect to find covered here include (but are not limited to!) canker sores, smiling, twee, and most importantly, Justin Bieber.

I'm an aggressive cropper--I thrive on awkward crops (see profile picture)--but other than that, I don't do much post-processing. For a discussion of my gear and my photography process, read this guest post I did for Dani at DIY FATSHION. If you have any questions about my photography, feel free to ask.

Actually, if you have any questions, feel free to ask.

And finally, words about my blog from a lady who I deeply admire, and who explains better than I ever could how I feel about this blog:

"i love your blog because i feel safe here. it's like an all-girls after school program where i don't have to be someone i'm not and even though i'm trying really hard to make friends, i'm doing it all by being myself. i think that's a wonderful trait in a blog, especially because safe spaces are really important to me, and i thought you should know that yours is it. thanks for that."