Tuesday, August 5, 2014

What to wear to a Fall Out Boy concert

Fall Out Boy & Paramore with New Politics
July 24 @ 7pm
PNC Bank Pavilion, Charlotte, NC

A. wore:

I wore:

Part of me is getting too old for some concerts. I know that. For example, I'm probably not going to go to another Against Me! show, or another big music festival in a large city. I have a bad back. I sunburn easily. My ears are getting sensitive to high volumes. I need a seat, or at least a towel and a swatch of land where I can rest my weary bones. (#flairforthedramatic) So when coworker A. and I made the trek to the other side of Charlotte for the Fall Out Boy concert, I was prepared to be one of the old people there.

As it turns out, I was not. There was a vast swath of teenagers there, of course, because those emo kids still love some Fall Out Boy. But as I found with Say Anything, a lot of their fans--and even Paramore's fans--are growing up, which means there are a bunch of actual adults there now. The people I used to see at Warped Tour (I officially retired from Warped Tour after 2008) are now the people sitting on towels on the lawn at concerts like that. We're part of an aging group, but that's okay. We're still here. And as long as the bands that we love continue to tour at places where there are places to sit after we've been running ragged at our mid-level jobs all day, we'll still show up.

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