Thursday, June 30, 2011

Orange royale

Necklace: gift from parents
Top: Anthro
Belt: Target
Dress as skirt: Anthro
Wedges: Target

This is the very first outfit I came up with looking at my 30 for 30 picks at the beginning of the challenge. I have to admit that while putting something underneath a dress has been easy, putting something over it to segment the dress has not. I'd like to do this a couple more times while the 30 is ongoing, at least with my green and yellow dress.

My best friend from college, E., sent me a frozen ice pop maker as a belated birthday gift! I am so excited for some frozen orange juice pops I can hardly stand it. She sent a card along with the pop maker which, among other things, recommended a website called Bakers Royale, where I found this recipe that makes me want to squeal with excitement. I'm so on it I'm almost off it.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Seeing things

Blue scarf: Gap
White scarf: Target
Top: JCPenney
Skirt: JCPenney
Wedges: Target

I'm sure you all know I'm a fan of pattern mixing. So is it wise to assume that I'm going to do a bit too much sometimes? Yup. I'm not sure if this is considered too much but I think it all sort of works. Floral, birds, dots. If you lie in a field of flowers and look up at the birds, sometimes you end up seeing dots. See? My entire outfit tells a story.

Meanwhile, I was blessed tonight to fully stumble upon Clueless on Oxygen. This is no small favour since I need a monthly hit of Rollin wit da Homies and driving a Jeep with no roof. Cher's also a superior stylist (where was she when I was establishing my wardrobe?) with a heart, which I love. And Paul Rudd? Come on. Ain't no thang like a Paul Rudd wing. No I do not know what that means and I don't really care but I can definitely say that beyond all my stargazing, my outfit is a full-on Monet--from far away it looks okay, but up close it's a big old mess.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Top: Target
Belt: Target
Skirt: JCPenney
Wedges: Crown Vintage/DSW

We've reached the halfway point and looking back there is still at least one item I have not worn (my black and white polka dot skirt). I'm not sure if there are any others--I hadn't worn these shoes until today but ta da, here they are! I've been wanting to wear them but a few of my past outfits haven't looked that great with them. I'm glad I finally had the chance to pull them on, though pulling them off was another story. Why are the zippers fighting me? Are my shoes that desperate to be worn? I'm sorry, shoes! I'll wear you more often, I promise! But I need to shower and leather should not get wet! LET ME LET YOU GO

My hair looks awesome today, and when I say awesome I mean utterly disheveled. There was, shockingly, a touch of The Wind this afternoon and it did a number on the general location of my hair. Oh well, at least it didn't blow it all off. Yet. Rue the day that happens! My head will be so much colder when I go curling then.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Miss thirty

Hair clips: H&M
Necklace: Antiques shop
Top: Target
Heels: Nine West
Toes: Rescue Beauty Lounge Dead Calm

Everyone meet my 30th item in my 30 for 30! I feel like I could have gone with 29 items the whole way through, but I wanted to include a 30th because that's kind of the idea, isn't it? Today's outfit, by the way, is inspired by the Shah's flag of Iran. Book discussion tonight was of Persepolis, and it went really well! Thank you all for your graphic novel feedback earlier this month :)

After seeing this skirt on Pinterest, I died. And then I undied and vowed to make one for myself. Leanne's tutorial is exceptionally easy to follow and the most annoying parts for me were sewing together my lace (I couldn't find double sided lace! So I made my own) and installing the zipper. Man, zippers are annoying. Oh, and there was all the stabbing myself with pins, because I'm terrible at that kind of thing. being coordinated. But this is the first item of clothing I've ever made (not including sweet things like necklaces made of ribbon tied around my neck) and it was worth it. No pain no gain, right? I love it.

My dad said "huh, that's different" and my mom said "it's so cute!" This is my parents, ladies and gents. Fortunately my boss was appropriately blindsided that I made this skirt myself, "like, from fabric???", especially since I do not wave the flag about my sewing skills very often. I usually stick to shapeless things, like pillowcases and necklaces made of ribbon tied around my neck. And that one time I made a bracelt made of ribbon tied around my wrist. That was HARD. have you ever tried tying a bow with one hand? No thank you. That's why I need a boyfriend. Right?


Sunday, June 26, 2011

I'll miss you, Bobby

Cardigan: Target
Top: Target
Jeans: Walmart
Wedges: Target

I have a few things to talk about today. There will be a quiz at the end so be sure to take notes!

First of all, there's a little kid who comes to the program I facilitate every Sunday without fail. She comes with her mom, and her mom does the class while the 7 year old hangs out with me. I'm talking under the table, making "fires" with pens, building "houses" with my books, and stacking clipboards like card houses. I'd hate it if she was 3 years younger, but she knows how to listen and do as she's told. Today she told me that I should work at her school because child watchers (I'm guessing class assistants?) there make "13 dollars a week". I will keep this in mind when I'm looking for a better paying job.

Second, tonight is the series finale of Law and Order: Criminal Intent. I am going to cry. So remember what I said about summer tv? I take part of it back. Because Monk ended in the summertime too. USA what are you doing to me?! You give me everything and you take it all away. Heartbreak.

Also, yes, day 2 in a row of wearing this cardigan. How many more days can I keep this up? None. Don't worry, I'll actually wash it this time. Maybe.

Last, I think I MIGHT have a 30th item for my 30 for 30. It's been a lot of contemplation but I may have found a winner. Stay tuned! (Unless you're watching CI, in which case go watch that, then come back.)

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Thank you Moses

Cardigan: Target
Top: Target
Jeans: Gap
Flats: Target

Yesterday (this outfit is from yesterday/Friday) I went into work thinking oh, it'll be quiet. Friday nights usually are in libraries, since that's a night when people do things like go to the movies, party, or in my case read in the quite comfort of their own homes. I'm cool like that.

Boy was I wrong! There is only one person at my public service desk on Friday nights and it was crazy, crazy, crazy. So I'm glad for once that the outfit I really wanted to wear--the SHIRT I really wanted to wear--was halfway through the spin cycle when I got ready for work, because the shoes I really wanted to wear (those awesome ridiculous gladiator wedges) would not have gone well with the insanity of me running hither and yon to find DVDs for people. On the bright side I did find The Ten Commandments when I thought it was lost. Awww yeaaaaah, it's the little things.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

First run

Necklace: Gift from parents
Cardigan: Target
Shirt: Boden
Skirt: JCPenney
Wedges: Target

You know what I love? Summer tv. I know most of the time summer television = reality out the wazoo, but tonight Burn Notice cam back on USA, and Suits is on now and it's kind of awesome. Covert Affairs? Royal Pains? Okay, so maybe I just love USA in the summer. But this is the golden age of cable tv.

And they never look sweaty on tv either. They glisten. Summer tv, y'all. This is just what we all need.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Night is fading

Top: Anthro
Belt: Target
Pants: JCPenney
Wedges: Target

I've spent most of today reading Before I Go to Sleep, which I started yesterday and finished today. And wowowowow you all have to read this book. It was one of the big buzz books at BEA this year and I totally get why now--I literally could not put it down. It's a psychological thriller debut by S.J. Watson and it takes the current trend of memory loss in fiction and masters it. It's amazing.

And what did I do with the rest of my day? Subtly quote Kesha.


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Going that extra mileish

Headband: H&M
Necklace: JCPenney
Top: JCPenney
Dress: Anthro
Flats: Target

Monkeyface once wrote about the importanceish of matching one's location to one's outfit. I usually make a slight effort but since the majority of my locations involve either graffiti or doors, I don't really spend a lot of time considering how everything matches together. But I tried a little more today, and it really worked out, I think.

In other news, I totally broke the no shopping rule of 30 for 30 while I was on vacation. I went a wildish at Gap (there was a 50% off all sale items sale! Come on!) and Banana Republic (because everyone needs a tank top with elephants on it). Also bought a pair of Toms, which are really the ugliest shoes ever but hey, scratch them off the wish list! They aren't glitters but they aren't totally nasty. We'll see how they last--after 30 for 30 is over, of course :)

Quick trip

Top: Target
Tank: Target
Shorts: Boden
Wedges: Target

This is what I wore yesterday. I took some liberties by wearing the tank underneath the tee but I'm not having a fit over it. I drove all day in this outfit so it had to be a) comfortable and b) easy to get around in, since we also walked all over downtown Savannah yesterday morning. I think it did the job!

Sorry for the looking down and all that but the sun was right in my eyes. Summer's kind of a jerk sometimes. And I am especially liking how my wedges look like they are a physical extension of my leg. I think no toes will be in next season. I'm so on top of the trend, you guys.

Is anyone else loving how brown and purple look together? I am. I don't know why but they're just so good together. Today's outfit will be up probably late tonight and then I'll be caught up on outfits (I hope). See you then!

Much love, Savannah

You wouldn't believe it from these pictures, but Savannah was packed! I had such, such a great time. I'm going to do this day by day, and maybe tomorrow I'll post a real picture post? I took a lot of pictures, y'all. Three of these I'm counting toward 30 for 30 and the other one I am not.

Friday night

Necklace: wapa on Etsy
Shirt: Target
Jeans: Walamrt
Wedges: Target
Bag: JCPenney
Beer: Six Degrees from Moon River

On Friday bff A. and I wandered around River Street, had DELICIOUSDELICIOUSDELICIOUS food from Moon River Brewing Company, and I surprisingly walked out with a to-go cup filled with beer. I honestly don't drink but once in a blue moon but who can say no to a to-go cup? So that's why Savannah's so popular with the college crowd.


Dress: Boden
Flip flops: Target (NOT part of my 30 so pretend I'm wearing those red wedges from the outfit above)
Sunburn: all me all the time

You guys. I am so sunburnt right now. I'm red. For reals. A. and I spent most of the day basking in the UVA/Bs at Tybee Island, which was amazing--I haven't been to the beach in four years, a great disparity when I grew up two blocks from the beach--but I forgot that an hour on the beach is like two in the pool for me. Lesson: learned, the hard way. I bought SPF 100 the next day to avoid making the same mistake twice.

Sunday morning

Top: Anthropologie
Shorts: Boden
Wedges: Target

A. and I went to Wormsloe Plantation to check out this super famous mile and a half long driveway lined with oak trees. It was hotter than hades but the property is beautiful. We also had lunch at a local cafe--my salad was nine inches long and three inches tall. It was MASSIVE. But delicious.

Sunday night

Dress: Target
Wedges: Target
Bag: JCPenney

After an afternoon at the beach (not burning!), A. and I went out for Fancy Dinner and Fancy Drinks, all of which was wonderful and yummy. Honestly, there was a lot of eating while I was in Savannah. I'm okay with that. Back in the groove tomorrow, y'all! See you then.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

That's the dipstick

Hat: Target
Top: Boden
Shorts: Boden
Wedges: Target

It's a Target Boden sandwich! Isn't it glorious? Not really. I think what we've learned from all this is that I need to size DOWN in Boden's clothing. Self-esteem boost!

Today I learned how to check my car's oil level. It is a lot easier than I thought it would be so why didn't I learn about...9 years ago when I started driving? Oh well, better late than never as I say. As has everyone else I have ever known.

I'll be in Savannah all weekend. I'm planning on taking my camera and computer, though I have no idea if I'll have time to update. If not, megaupdate on Tuesday! I'll be sticking to 30 for 30 too. Probably. Mostly.

Ok maybe.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Flower clips: all H&M
Top: Target
Belt: Target
Skirt: JCPenney
Heels: Nine West

30 for 30 is generally about taking some risks, picking things you don't necessarily wear a lot, finding new ways to wear old things. But at the same time we all need some workhorses, some stable items that we never hate and always trust to get us through long days and longer nights.

All three of these items are that. I love this shirt. I adore this skirt. I want to be buried in these shoes because they are so comfortable that I can wear them for all eternity. A young woman and her mother stopped me at lunch today to ask what brand they were and where I got them because they are just adorable. (Which they are!)

But, even with my reliable wardrobe at hand, I needed a little more. Some accessories, which I stressed last time are so important during 30 for 30. So I pulled out a belt. In white, because why not? And while I'm at it, let me toss half a bouquet in my hair so I really shine on. My coworkers said I was "prairie chic" and I'm not sure what that means but I assume it's good and even if it isn't, I have flowers in my hair so who cares? Look at me! Flowers!