Friday, June 10, 2011

Are you a Louis or a Ren

Tank: Target
Skirt: Walmart
Wedges: Target

Simplest outfit ever? Maybe. This skirt has come precariously close to Goodwill on more than one occasion, including today, but either my subconscious or my mother has whispered in my ear that I can make this skirt work.

You all know I like patterned clothing, but I definitely have struggled with this skirt. I've fought with matching it and not matching it, introducing other patterns and colours, and I don't know, nothing ever seems to work. Also, I have to wear it right at my waist but the skirt is pleated, which I think makes me look a little wider than normal.

BUT I AM IN THIS TO WIN THIS, as my best friend A. insists she says (doubt it), so I'm going to keep trying. Don't expect this skirt to be part of my 30 for 30, but do expect to see it after that and into the fall with tights. Anyone miss tights weather right now? Because I am. The thermometer topped out at 120 today in the sun and I just want to gag simply when I walk outside.

So you know what I'm doing? Traveling up to the mountains and going tubing with my friend S. We are assuming it will be very hot and the river will be very cold and that will make everything even Steven, right? Remember the Even Stevens Movie when the family went on a special island trip that was actually secretly a reality show that was half Hunger Games and half The Bachelorette? I need to find that movie because it was shamazing.

Ren would wear this skirt.


  1. I LIKE this skirt a lot! and oh man, I really DO miss tights weather. I know I was wailing for warmth a couple months ago, but really, it's too hot and humid for me now. Can NEVER be pleased, that's me.
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights

  2. Jealous that you're going tubing. Definitely a warm weather outfit. props.
    P.S. I miss Even Stevens.

  3. Hey!

    I just found your blog, and I love your outfits! Definitely my style : )

    I always seem to have a piece of clothing that I just can't seem to make work. I like your skirt a lot, though, and I like the pink/olive green contrast you created here.

    I miss tights and sweater weather so much! I just miss the many clothing options cooler weather provides, and the air is getting heavy around here, too.

    Anyway, I'll keep reading your blog! Feel free to take a peek at mine, too : )


  4. Laura thank you! I'm already pining for tights weather and we have SO long to go. Sometimes my work is cold enough to wear tights but then when I go outside it is dreadfully hot and I can't stand it. Sooner or later (probably later) it'll come around again!

    Meghan: Tubing was amaaaaaaaazing! & thank you--I'm trying to wear skirts more often outside of work. I've just thought of them as a work only thing for so long that it's hard to think of them as something to wear for errands!

    Isabella: Thank you so, so much! I'm glad you like my style, I like it too :) I think I have more than one thing in my closet that I need to work on incorporating more, because the pieces just don't fit in anywhere (or so I think). I love cooler weather for the exact reason you mentioned--so, so many more options. I also really miss wearing boots. Your blog is great & your style is adorable! I'll be reading :)

  5. I like the skirt. I think it worked with the olive. The pink in it is lovely. I have a couple of patterned skirts that I never know what to do with. I'm actually going to put one of them in my 30 so I have to think about it and wear it when maybe I wouldn't have. That's one of the things I like about the 30 for 30. I like the idea of throwing a couple things in there that I don't normally wear. Makes me go outside my comfort zone. Or maybe I'll just dress like a weirdo for a month. :)

  6. First of all, GEEZ. I can't believe how hot it is for you. We're still in the mid 60s here and I'm wishing for a bit more heat. Maybe we could average the two and both of us would be happier? Haha.

    I can see why that skirt would be a challenge, even though it seems like it should be simple enough to mix. I'm glad to read you're doing the 30 for 30, I'm curious to see who else will be doing it. (: Sorry I haven't been around much. I finished finals and all, so I'll be checking out your 30 progress as I do mine with ya. (:

  7. Elle thank you! I really like the little bit of pinky-coral in this skirt but I think that's part of the problem I've had with it--I don't want anything to clash with the pink, you know? I've put a couple pretty weird/"hard" to style things into my 30 so I'm hoping they actually look good together. If not we will all be seeing a lot of me in the same five items all month.

    Sarah omgggggggggggggg I am so, so jealous of you. I wish we could split the difference because I am dying in this constant 90+ heat. I'm especially distressed since it's only June. What's going to happen in late July? Oy vey. And I'm glad you're doing 30 for 30 too! It's never easy but it's always a lot of fun. I'll be keeping an eye on your blog (as always) for 30 for 30 and congrats on finishing finals :)

  8. Love the dress so much. The colours are great together and I love the pattern.

  9. Aww thank you so much Imogen! I agree with you, I'm pleased with how they look together :)