Sunday, June 26, 2011

I'll miss you, Bobby

Cardigan: Target
Top: Target
Jeans: Walmart
Wedges: Target

I have a few things to talk about today. There will be a quiz at the end so be sure to take notes!

First of all, there's a little kid who comes to the program I facilitate every Sunday without fail. She comes with her mom, and her mom does the class while the 7 year old hangs out with me. I'm talking under the table, making "fires" with pens, building "houses" with my books, and stacking clipboards like card houses. I'd hate it if she was 3 years younger, but she knows how to listen and do as she's told. Today she told me that I should work at her school because child watchers (I'm guessing class assistants?) there make "13 dollars a week". I will keep this in mind when I'm looking for a better paying job.

Second, tonight is the series finale of Law and Order: Criminal Intent. I am going to cry. So remember what I said about summer tv? I take part of it back. Because Monk ended in the summertime too. USA what are you doing to me?! You give me everything and you take it all away. Heartbreak.

Also, yes, day 2 in a row of wearing this cardigan. How many more days can I keep this up? None. Don't worry, I'll actually wash it this time. Maybe.

Last, I think I MIGHT have a 30th item for my 30 for 30. It's been a lot of contemplation but I may have found a winner. Stay tuned! (Unless you're watching CI, in which case go watch that, then come back.)


  1. 2 things - #1 you gotta love "kid logic" it kind of puts things into perspective. When I was a kid I love the trinkets and toys you get out of dime and quarter machines and I swore I would spend half my paychecks on them when I grew up. (I don't) #2 I love the yellow cardi with the red polka dotted top! It looks fantastic!!

  2. Ohhhhhhhhh Elle so true! She reminded me of this line from one of my current tv must sees called The Middle--a teenager's talking about his teacher's salary and he says "what does she make, like $100k a year or something?" Um, right. My perception of money when I was a little kid was exactly that!

    & thank you, I think that is one of my favourite outfits so far in the 30!