Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Twisting my stomach into knots

Necklace: antiques shop
Dress: Target
Wedges: DSW

Hello everyone! I apologize for my unexplained absence; I really should've left a post up saying I'd be gone for the weekend! I was curling and celebrating the second of July with friends in Charlotte, then upon my return I felt like wearing nothing but blue shorts and a tank top so no 30 for 30 posts. (I also forced some GRE study in there.) But I'm back in the swing of things!

I missed you all while I was gone, and I read all my email. Thank goodness for the iPhone, amirite? Yesterday (on the fourth, right before we started grilling) a major, major gale-force-winds-rain-on-you-so-hard-your-momma-feels-it storm came blasting through the farm. Holy cannoli. My poor dog, who is terrified of thunderstorms, was trapped out in the rain, but for once in her life she came when she was called. Crisis sort of averted, but she smelled like a wet dog. Shocker.

How was your Independence Day? If you're Canadian, how was your Canada Day? If you are not American OR Canadian, how were your first through fourths of July? I didn't get to read my blogroll this weekend, so fill me in on what I missed!


  1. Great Dress! Also love the pic at the end of the - sparkler? Very cool.

    Gale force storm on a farm and dog make me think of... Jess of Oz. "And then my house landed on a wicked witch, but I got these wicked cool shoes." :) Well they aren't ruby red slippers, but they are wicked cool. I may have had too much coffee this morning.

  2. Thanks Elle! & that is indeed a sparkler--fireworks are legal in South Carolina so played with a lot of sparklers over the weekend!

    I would love if I could get a pair of ruby red slippers. How awesome would that be? Maybe if I ever get married I'll wear some awesome shoes like that. And I'll insist that I crushed the witch myself with my dog's house.