Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Take the outfit and run

Pearls: JCPenney
Top: Target
Cami: Old Navy
Skirt: JCPenney
Flats: Target

This outfit was pretty much a shot in the dark. I didn't know what to wear, I had 10 minutes to get ready for work, and my trusty black pants are in the wash. So what's the plan? Make a colour palette and grab stuff in that palette. Black, white, gray? Checkcheckcheck. I received a surprising amount of compliments on my red lipstick--that it looks good, it's cheerful, "it's working for" me (last one from my boss). So I guess it's safe from elimination!

One thing I knew I wanted to try was this hairstyle (the reason I had 10 mintues to get dressed!). Meghan--who needs to start her blog like, yesterday, so I can link to her--suggested during the Skull Cap Incident of 2011 that I try a braid as a headband, so I finally did. I really like how it looks! I sprayed my hair liberally with a sea salt/water combo and teased the crown a bit to get the look I wanted.

And no, that is not a remote I clutch in my grubby little paw. It's my car keys. Safety first, y'all! I did not however think of the unsafe effects of being outside in a full skirt during a superwindy day like today--two seconds before the shutter went off on my camera for the picture above, the outer layer of my skirt went sailing up to my waist! I hastily shoved it down and hoped that moment was not captured on film. It wasn't. But there may have been a surveillance camera that caught all that on tape. At least the skirt lining didn't move a muscle, am I right? And nary a teenage boy in sight. That would have been mortifying.


  1. I love that look! I especially love the lipstick and pearls combo, and with the skirt it's super cute! Also, I'm amused by the 'it's working for me' comment--hahah. Love it!

  2. Oh thank you, Kelly! I have a hard time stopping myself from wearing the pearls on a daily basis. & my boss makes a lot of amusing comments about my outfits. Today's outfit is considered "snazzy".

  3. Outfit is a win. Hair looks great too. And I love the lipstick! Red is great for your complexion. I adore the bright and deep reds. They can just look so classy. Occasionally I'm even bold enough to wear them.

  4. your photo shoots are inspiring--even with the wind as a possible uncontrolled variable:) i love pearls, too, and have a hard time not wearing them all the time. as always, you look great!

  5. You car keys, hahaha. I'm terrible, mine are usually just sitting at the bottom of some tree with my lens cap. I am VERY enamored with your ultraglam pearls here, and your full skirt!

  6. Elle thank you! I really love this lipstick. I didn't have the guts to wear red lipstick until I found this one.

    Aleisha thank you so much! I try to work with the weather instead of against it, usually with mixed results. I think wind is easier than rain though!

    Oh Monks, I usually hang my keys/glasses/lens cap all on a hook at the bottom of my tripod. I think I was just so worried about someone coming out and being like WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! That I didn't even put my keys down. Oops. And thank you! I love my pearls so very much.