Sunday, April 3, 2011

Mail call

Top: Target
Tank (underneath): Old Navy
Jeans: Walmart
Wedges: Target

Sorry but you guys don't get to see my feet today.

I got really, REALLY excited yesterday because I got something in the mail from Columbia (the state capital of SC), and I thought fo sho it was going to be my state tax return. I tore it open and there it was: a letter about the new radiology pre-authorization coverage from my health insurer.

My disappointment was mildly evident but I was still excited because hey, I got mail. I'm not old enough to get bills in the mail every week--I do get bills but I pay them online!--so I'm still excited when I get mail. Even if it IS something lame like an explanation of benefits from my health insurer or a catalogue from LL Bean, I get a little giddy. And when birthday season rolls around? Oh, I am on that mail like white on rice. So hopefully my tax return comes soon, but even if it doesn't, I'll be waiting.


  1. look at those flowers! they are so gorgeous, as you are!

  2. Such a fun tree to pose with! I love that it is finally starting to look like spring everywhere.

    I get just as excited to get mail. Unfortunately, nowhere in the mail will be a refund from taxes. I just mailed in over $1,000 to the federal and state. Ugh. I'm glad to hear people who are getting cheerful returns, though!

    Psst--I'm over at Just Take a Bow.

  3. too bad! You'll get them soon though:) I got $3,000 back this year WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT! I cant wait to get them:) I love this tree and you look darling as ever.

  4. Aleisha, thank you! I've been eying that tree for a week or two now (it's on a road right by where I work) and I finally had a chance to take pictures by it!

    Sarah: yes yes yes! I love spring so, all the blossoms and flowering trees are so beautiful! That stinks that you have to pay :( Hopefully you'll get more back next year!

    Rosy: I hope so! I'm waiting on bended knee for my bling to arrive. And thank you very, very much :)

  5. Beautiful Pictures!! I love the tree!! It looks very much like the crab apple trees that used to be in my yard where I used to live. You look very picturesque and tranquil.

    I love to get catalogs in the mail and magazines. Mostly what I get though is junk mail. What I really love to do is request a bunch of catalogs under my cat's name. She usually lets me look at them.

  6. Super cute and so comfy looking.

  7. Thanks Elle! I work near a very picturesque college so I need to take better advantage of that :) When I was in college I requested a ton of catalogues because it would mean I got mail. My friends always liked rifling through them!

    Meghan: thank you thank you! It was a good outfit for hauling chairs and tables around.