Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I will hold out hope

Scarf: Target
Top: Target (men's)
Skirt: Gap
Wedges: Target

It seems that every time I wear this skirt, I have nothing at all to say! So I'm just going to write random stuff.

I spent five minutes fussing with my scarf and still couldn't make it look the way I wanted.
A tick just crawled across my computer screen. I flushed it. (It's officially spring.)
I bought six boxes of Crystal Light and $48 worth of gasoline. Gas prices are a real downer these days.
Don't forget to enter the giveaway. Tell your friends. Or don't, because I know you want to win. So never mind!

I rode my horse today and he was wonderful. Maybe I should have ridden him to work instead of driving my car.
I have spent weeks looking for my hair screws and can't find them so I bought more. Not on Amazon though, those are way overpriced!
I went to the eye doctor and had my pupils dilated for the first time. Everyone lied to me about being sensitive to light because I waltzed out into the sun with no problems. I got a sexy pair of old people shades for my trouble.

I am tired. See y'all tomorrow!


  1. In the second pic - you look like a spy. I was expecting more creeping. Great color combo. Very unexpected and fun.
    Funny about the hair screws. I do that with my bobby pins. I wear my hair up at least twice a week with bobby pins (I know that makes me like 82 right?) but it's completely practical. Anyway, I lose them constantly. So I just re-buy them cause they are like $3 for 300. Somewhere I imagine a giant stack of my lost bobby pins plugging up holes in the ozone or something. Despite their non-biodegradable beginnings I imagine they would still go on to do good for the earth. Man it's been raining here for a lonnnng time.

  2. oh your are just so cute. I looove the places that you go to get your pictures. so fun

  3. Elle thank you! I'll have to try being a superspy in one of my next posts! I really like bobby pins but my hair has always been way too thick for them. They're good for poofs and stuff though. I have a feeling all the bobby & hair pins and hair ties and barrettes I've lost are turning into their own planet on the other side of the Milky Way. No one there will ever lose any hair accessories.

    Thank you Rosy! I think one of my favourite things now is finding new places to take my pictures :)

  4. Thank you very much, Piril!