Friday, April 15, 2011

Blown away

Necklace: gift from parents
Top: Target
Scarf as belt: TJMaxx?
Dress as skirt: shop in Cape May
Wedges: Target
Band aid: Sesame Street

I couldn't stay away, y'all. My days off have been wonderful, thank you to everyone who wished me well! I've gotten a lot done--I went to the DMV and got a new license, complete with new, much better picture and incorrect orientation (vertical instead of horizontal) because the employee thought I looked way younger than I actually am. I also took my horse to our trainer on Thursday because he waaaaaaaaay needed a tuneup, and he was fantastic. We got a lot done in half an hour! I also bought another pair of jeans from Gap because I love those long and lean jeans. I'm not lean--though I am long--and I never thought I could wear 100% cotton jeans but they fit really well. (I was not paid to say that, it's just the truth!)

Oh and my car's check engine light came on. SUPER!

Also I guess I lied about the maxi dress thing but also sort of not--this skirt is a halter dress that I wore once in 2007 so I'm trying to find ways to incorporate it into my decidedly not halter dressy wardrobe. I don't remember the skirt being this long, but 2007 was a long time ago! So I tried. I still am not a huge fan of this length on me, but I didn't have to worry about my skirt blowing up and showing the interstate my butt, even with Punishing Winds blasting across the orchard.

I might be posting tomorrow, but if not, I'll see you Sunday!


  1. Love love love the orangey-red skirt with the turquoise scarf, but then you probably could already have guessed that.

  2. I'm glad someone did! My mom saw it and said "well, that is not the colour I would have chosen" and I chose to ignore that. I like how they look together!

  3. hey, cute new header thingy!

    my mom says things like "your not worried about the horizontal stripes making you look fat? and i say, mom, i am i wear things i like...." moms are gems:)

  4. Thanks Aleisha :) Part of my time off was spent giving the blog a little facelift!

    & yes, moms are so very charming. Love her to death but she knows how to push my buttons! I think she finally gave up on horizontal stripes though, thankfully. Honestly, who even makes the miraculously "slimming" vertically striped shirts? No one, that's who. I'll wear what I want, yo!

  5. LOL at this one--i know, vertical "slimming" stripes...mmmmm...your outfit is awesome, full of personality and color--can't get better than that:)

  6. I would say the length of that is perfect for you. Hard to tell in the wind though! I know what you mean about the maxi dresses from before. I'm not a fan of them. I am only 5'5" so I always feel a little too short for them and that they just billow around me like a tent - but this weekend, weird enough I actually found one at an Anthropologie in the return section that was a Petite and I didn't even know they had Petites. It was like it was left there for me. It didn't look too bad either, so it came home with me. :) Hopefully, I still feel that way when I go to put it on.

  7. Awww Elle I hope it works for you! I guess I don't give maxi dresses enough credit because I know soooooooo many people love them, but I just can't do it. I think this dress toes the line between maxi and knee length, which I like.