Saturday, April 30, 2011

May wish list

Wish list is back! Last month's wist list is still 2/3 wishes; I did purchase the curling shoes. We'll see what I end up with this month!

This tunic from Boden is near the top of my wish list, just below last month's eShakti dress. I am loving jade right now and it's one of those colours that works with every skin tone. I think the top four are jade, navy, cranberry and plum. Jewel tones! Anyway, how cute would this dress be with a braided belt and some platform wedges? Which are also huge this season. I'm going to Savannah in June so I think this will have to go with me.

Yeah, here's the thing. I have an LG Env2 and it's great but it is also OLD and half the buttons on the front don't even work. It's paid its dues. I want to upgrade to a smartphone before my trip to New York (I don't travel as much as you think!) and right now I'm liking the look of the Droid Incredible 2. How can you not like a phone named Incredible, right? Smartphone suggestions welcome, I'm with Verizon and I don't really want an iPhone. I'm also a moron when it comes to phones.

Tis the season to plant plants! Last year we planted tomato plants (the Cardigans are big fans of tomatoes) and they did horribly. Fortunately it wasn't just us, the whole area had a rough tomato season, but we're avoiding it this year with MATER MAGIC. I hope anyway. I already bought & used Mater Magic so really this wish is more that it actually works, so keep your fingers crossed for me.

Wait! One more! Peter Pan collar AND pink? LL Bean Signature hit the nail on the head.

What do you covet for May?


  1. That dress is perfection! I love the color. And oh I die over the peter pan collar. Darling!


  2. Rebecca, you would look adorable in that dress. And that top, really.

  3. Wish list how fun! I love that tunic - it would look awesome on you too.
    My May wish list is very cliche I think - but it's been a long time since Anthropologie has dominated my wish list, but when there new duds came out recently I was practically drooling on my desk like "I want that, I want that!"
    So mine (very narrowed down) would be the "Spiced Dress" Anthro and "Natalie One-Piece" bathing suit black with white polka dots also Anthro. Bad thing is they are both kinda pricey (sigh.)

  4. K so I got the LL Bean catalogue in the mail the other day, and WTF, where the heck did they come from with all these fantastic clothes??! And more importantly, why are they so out of my price range?! You're not helping by posting that top, Jess.

  5. Elle: the Spiced Dress is so, so gorgeous. The only thing about Anthro I really don't like is the cost of everything, but you get what you pay for--I there is nothing in my closet from Anthro that I don't wear, and some I wear a lot.

    Monks: IKNOWRIGHT?! Their Signature line is really surprising considering that most people hear LL Bean and think either mud boots or high school backbacks. I love the silk top with little boats on it, too.