Thursday, April 28, 2011

Inspired by

Scarf: Target?
Cardigan: Target
Top: JCPenney
Corduroys: LL Bean
Wedges: Target

First of all, I'm in Kimberly's monthly inspiration calendar! I am amazed by all the brilliant outfits this month--spring definitely brings out the best in people!

Ever since From Suns to Moons posted this outfit inspired by the one and only Andy Bernard from The Office, I've had the colour combo in the outfit queue. However I thought it wasn't nearly enough absurd vibrancy so I wore pink pants too. Nude wedges make it all okay, right?


Then I made my best Meredith face and went home for a nap.

There's so much inspiration in this post I can hardly stand it all.


  1. I look like I'm babysitting B!

  2. Lovely look! You do Andy Bernard proud.

  3. I stinkin love this outfit. *steal* You do evoke Andy so strongly in this outfit. :)

  4. From Suns to Moons: Thank you! I hope Andy sings an a cappella song about this post one day.

    Meghan: I'm glad you like it! Cardiganland turned into Scranton for a little while that day :)

  5. That's a super cute color combo. Lime is perfection!

  6. Thanks so much Bella! I wholly agree :)