Monday, April 4, 2011

Day and night

Helmet: IRH
Shirt: Target
Riding pants: Tailored Sportsman
Half chaps: Dublin
Boots: Ariat

I woke up appallingly early this morning and rode my horse. My 16 year riding anniversary was over the weekend (I'm serious). This is what I wore!

Today my parents brought home horse #5. Those things are addictive, I'll tell ya.

After I rode I took a shower, let the horses out, had lunch, got dressed for work, and drove to work. This is what I wore!

Top: TJMaxx
Dress: Target
Belt: Target
Wedges: Shoe Carnival

Two outfits, one pattern, one day. Life is HARD. Fortunately it is a week around the US of A to bask in the glory of warm, springlike (probably summerlike in Cardiganland) weather.

Check out that Fashion Blogger Toe Point. I'm an ace at that! Probably a good thing since I'm extremely underpronated* anyway. Thanks coworker T.for snapping quick shots while we were on break.

Tomorrow, y'all! Maybe my next post will make more sense? Probably not though.

*word of the day!


  1. I just love that dress on you. The color of the stripes are great with the brown belt and detailed undershirt. So lovely!

  2. I agree! The dress is beautiful! And horses?!?! I want to go a'riding!

    hearts, laura♥
    the blog of worldly delights

  3. Brooke thank you! I really love this dress. I was worried the wind would blow my skirt up walking across the parking lot today, but I am happy to report no wardrobe malfunctions :)

    Thanks Laura! And you're welcome to come on down and ride with me any time!

  4. You're so sweet, you know that? You made my evening with your comment on my blog. (:

    By the way, you won my heart with all of the stripes you're rockin'. One of my favorite patterns!

  5. Hi Jess, It's been a while. So much catching up on blogs. Here am I today on yours. Aha, horse back riding, that's a long time for me. Do you ride often? Love the striped dress, looks like a very versatile piece, one that can go from day to night.

  6. I agree - Love the dress, so cute! Also great shoes! Aren't wedges the best? Although technically I'm perfectly average in the height department according to female standards - I've always felt short and wedges are a great way of making up a couple of inches comfortably. I've never mastered the whole walking in heels thing without looking slightly drunk.

  7. Oh gosh thank you all! You're such a sweet bunch :)

    Sarah: no you're sweet! I used to avoid stripe like the plague because of that "stripes make you look fat" thing but once I started wearing stripes I found out that isn't really true. Love em now!

    Mode Plus hello! I do ride often; I live with my parents on a farm and the barn my horse lives in is a stone's throw away. Now that the weather is warm we can ride out in the fields :) I can't wait to wear this dress out to dinner or something a little fancier. It seems to work with everything I throw at it.

    Kimberly: thank you thank you! I am especially a fan of the neckline.

    Elle: Thanks x a million! I looooooove wedges because I still get nervous walking in regular heels. I'm pertty tall but I think wedges let me get away with a lot more in terms of additional height because people don't look at my shoes and go "why are you wearing heels, you're already so tall?!" Instead they say "cute shoes!" which is waaaaaay better ;)