Wednesday, April 13, 2011

To the future

Necklace: Target
Cardigan: Target
Cami: Old Navy
Belt: Target
Skirt: Boden
Flats: Target

My toe is still mildly crippled, so no heels today. I also considered wearing the pearls today but I thought three times in four days may have been too much.

I am not working the next three days. So I may be posting, I may be not posting! It depends on how hard I work to get out of bed and dress myself. Plans for my three day semi-weekend include getting a new driver's license, registering for the GRE (just did this, yiiiiiiikes) and taking my horse to the trainer for a lesson. We'll see how well all that actually goes.

Also my father is insistent I take my parents out to dinner since my tax refund finally arrived. He will be lucky if he gets a sandwich from Panera.

See y'all sooner or later!

e: Is anyone having problems viewing these pictures? Let me know--two aren't showing up for me and it appears to be a Flickr issue at the moment.


  1. Mmm, Panera. So can I tell you that I said your post title out loud with a British accent? Don't ask me why. The GRE! Yikes!! Good luck, girl. Princeton Review was my BFF. Also, fab skirt (of course).

  2. I approve of British accents in most situations, including the one you just described! Yikes times a million, Monks. Thanks for the support and compliments!

  3. Oh the pattern of that skirt is fabulous!


  4. All of your photos show up for me, so maybe flickr got over itself. Anywho, the bold print on that skirt is super fun and, of course, who doesn't love a good cardigan?

    I wish I got a tax return (I got to write them a check, instead). Also, Panera is kind of expensive. Maybe DQ's 3 for $4 menu? Haha.

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  5. The only thing better than a cute, wearable outfit is said outfit against a charming backdrop. Well done!

  6. Great skirt!
    Good luck on the GRE and have some fun on your days off!

  7. Thank you Rebecca! I love this skirt so much :)

    Sarah: Thanks! I think Flickr was just being fussy last night. That stinks that you have to pay! My dad's going out of town this weekend so I told him the free meal is only available this weekend. He refuses to accept that.

    From Suns to Moons, thank you! I randomly found this spot when I took a wrong turn downtown. It was meant to be :)

    Elle: thank you lots! You'll probably hear lots more about the GRE as it gets closer (I'm scheduled to take it in August) but I'm trying to put it out of my mind until June. I'll have as much fun as I can handle!

  8. I am jealous of your navy blue cardigan. I can never find one I like. Very sensible outfit. I agree with Sarah.
    Have fun!

  9. Thanks Meghan! I'm having a good time off :)