Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Let's talk ebooks

Cardigan: Target
Top: Target
Skirt: JCPenney
Wedges: Target

Last night my coworker T. and I went to Denny's, where she was joyfully crowned mayor by Foursquare. Isn't that exciting? Well, kind of. Technically I'm mayor too because every time she's been there in the last month, I have been there and she has taken a picture of me and posted it on Foursquare. Almost as great as Baconalia itself.

In other, slightly less fried news: Amazon's Kindle will be "unlocked" later this year, allowing customers to download ebooks from library websites. There are a lot of questions still to be answered but this is a positive step forward for the e-resource industry!

Grad school looms tiny on the horizon but I know the closer I get to it the larger it will become. I work in AV and I really, really want to be an AV or e-resources librarian, which is partly due to the department Nook. It's kind of fascinating, the way the technology world is changing. Which means the publishing world is changing, and in turn the library world changes. My library system recently purged all their tapes while adding a ton of e-resources.

I know this is all really uninteresting but I can't help it! It's better than my talking about bacon for two paragraphs.

Oh yeah! Also--I received my first question on Formspring! How exciting. If you have a question for me, feel free to ask. Or email me. OR leave a comment. You know, whatever.


  1. I. LOVE. THIS. LOOK!!! The color layering is adorable and the skirt pattern is just beautiful! And e books. oh... I haven't adjusted yet. I am a hardcore book person. I have to FEEL the book when I'm reading it. My mom has offered to purchase me an e-reader, but I dunno yet. maybe one day!
    hearts, laura♥
    the blog of worldly delights

  2. As I think I mentioned I love to read. I have not jumped into the current century however with the ebooks and such. I always glare at them with a curious eye whenever I pass by them at my local bookstores at which I frequent. It's as if they are going to do something tricky when I turn my back. Eventually, I suspect I will give in and get one - or my techno savvy brother will buy one for me. Sometimes I feel like I have to be pulled into this tech driven world of gadgets kicking and screaming. Then I usually end up wondering how I ever lived without them.

    Great color combo - very sassy. I love the texture underneath.

  3. Oh look at you, with your flowers and your cute skirt with flowers and the green green grass and utter lack of wool coats and boots.

    It snowed here yesterday.

  4. Laura, thank you so so much! I felt the same way before I started using the department Nook, and I still definitely am a book person. But the Nook was a lot more versatile than I expected. I suggest going to B&N and just playing with one one day!

    Elle: ereaders really aren't as bad as they seem! Though the can be a little tricky to figure out sometimes. I definitely know what you mean about the not being able to live without it thing--I can't imagine life without my cell phone, iPod, camera, etc. but I know if they hadn't existed I'd still survive. And thank you :)

    K: That sounds like a personal problem to me.

  5. i'm loving the print of the skirt and it matches the flowers in the background. just lovely!

    cute & little
    come check out the color brigade!