Saturday, April 9, 2011

Silverish lining

Cardigan: Target
Top: Target
Jeans: Gap
Flats: Target
Nail polish: Zoya Gemma

As Kayla once said, sometimes you have it, sometimes you have food stuck in your teeth and you have to pee. Today was a day where I not only had food in my teeth and had to pee but a curling iron was stuck in my hair and people were throwing tomatoes at me.

I set my alarm for my usual work arrival time--9:15--but I was supposed to be at work at 8:45, so I literally got ready this morning in 4 minutes. I was still terribly late. A patron collapsed at my desk and had a seizure (hopefully he's going to be okay but EMS had to be called), an entire AV setup went completely awry 15 minutes before a speaker's program was to start, I didn't get out for lunch until 2pm, and in the rush of being so late this morning I forgot my book at home.

The bright things of today: I have comp time to cover my being late, EMS arrived in a timely manner, I had a good lunch, I was able to cobble together an operable AV setup & the speaker was just happy it worked, and this book came in for me.

Kinda sorry I'm sitting in all these pictures but kinda not because I survived the day and sitting was all I could handle on my lunch break! At least I was dressed, y'all.

PS. Inspiration for these pictures was drawn directly from Monkeyface.


  1. Lovely setting with all the florals...and that sweater fits you wonderfully :) By the way I love David Foster is this book? I hadn't heard of it before so must look it up...I really enjoyed Infinite Jest.

  2. Thank you featherfactor! I have never reading anything by David Foster Wallace but I've hearda lot of good about his books. The Pale King was unfinished when he died, and his widow made the decision to have it edited and released. It's officially released this Friday but it finished processing at my library early. I'm only about five pages into it right now but so far it's good :)

  3. Sounds like one of those days when you just have to stop and breathe and enjoy the little things around me.
    At least you found the good in everything and ended up with some lovely pictures.

  4. I love your fashion style and your writing style! I have been following for few weeks and I'm starting to look forward to it everyday! Oh...and you've got me hooked on shopping at target....

  5. Elle: so, so true. I ended the day having dinner with friends so it ended well. I was just exhausted after Saturday! & thank you, I was a little nervous about being in a park and taking pictures but no one was even around. I got lucky!

    rsbent: You are too sweet! I'm so glad you enjoy reading my blog :) And Target is beyond addictive, I must say. It could be so easy for me to max out my credit card just buying every cardigan they have!