Thursday, April 7, 2011

Yeah three times

Scarf: J.Crew
Skirt: gift from parents
Cardigan: Target
Top: Target
Pants: JCPenney
Flats: Target

Would you believe me if I said I took three sets of outfit pictures today and I hated them all? Well, it's the truth. I took pictures in a giant abandoned overgrown lot and two times on the deck. I seem to have hit a touch of blogger's block--not really in terms of outfits but taking pictures. Animated Cardigan LLC (aka me) needs to make this a priority for future posts!

I finished reading my fourth Agatha Christie mystery (The Murder of Roger Ackroyd) on the Department Nook yesterday, so I'm taking a break. It was amazing, by the way. This month's book discussion book is The Girl Who Fell from the Sky by Heidi Durrow, which I picked without having read. I have my own copy of it, because I tend to highlight and annotate books when I read them for discussion. It drives me up a wall when people make notes in library books (oh, you know it happens). I hope it's good!


  1. what a great scarf addition to your hair!! i'll have to try that out sometime. the color goes perfectly with the cardi!

    cute & little

  2. Thanks Kileen! I thought using the scarf in my hair would be worth a shot, and I really like how it turned out.

  3. The scarf is very adorable. Tres magnifique!

    OOOOOOHHH!!!!! It peeves me too!! I always buy my own copy so that I can mark it up. You should see my copy of Animal Farm... poor lil book. :(

  4. Thanks Meghan! This scarf is a wardrobe hero.

    There is seriously nothing more annoying than reading a library book and finding highlighting or notes, because not only has someone defaced public property but you're also forced to look at the text from the previous reader's point of view. I don't want that! I want to read it from my point of view! Sometimes your only choice is to buy your own copy.

  5. I would kill to have what looks like your amazing cardigan collection, Jess. The shoes are wonderful, too! I'm not sure I could wear that color cardigan, but I'd sure as heck try.

    I take so. many. pictures. Not everyday, but sometimes I take almost forty and none of them please me. It is really hard. I feel like sometimes I just look plain... awkward/weird/bad. But then people online can help me get past that quite often, too. It's give and take. But I totally understand that feeling!

  6. Oh Sarah, just hit up Target for a couple seasons and your collection will be as extensive as mine. I think you could weat this colour! I bet it would be really pretty with your skin tone.

    I sort of have the same problem, but I'm not nearly so patient to go back and forth between my camera and posing 40 times! But I know exactly how you feel. There are days where I look great and then other days I look like I've grown another head, my hair's all weird and I'm wearing something kind of dumpy. & fortunately some of our readers support us when we look like that!

  7. Your hair is fantastic! Especially with the scarf and the cardigan - it looks so vintage chic.

  8. Thanks Elle! I was told I looked like everything from the 1940s to the 1970s. Whatever it is, I'll take it!

  9. Loving that cardi Jess!! Green really suits you!
    Monique xx

  10. The scarf is definitely the cherry on top to this sweet little outfit! Gives it such a fun, funky pop of bright. Also, LOVE the shoes.

  11. Monique, thank you so much! I love the colour of this cardigan more than I thought I would.

    Laura: Thank you thank you! I feel like I could wear this scarf with anything and it would work out. Totally worth the $2.50 it cost!