Thursday, April 21, 2011

Don't ask, don't tell

Pearls: JCPenney (this is your last day to enter to win!)
Top: Target
Skirt: Boden
Wedges: Target
Nails: Zoya Marley

Do I look like I belong in AKA? I probably do.

I love this skirt, don't you? The colour's amazing, the pattern's amazing, the line it makes is amazing. But see where the hem is? Below my knee. And see where the waist is? Hip slung. It's too big. I'm going to keep it and stitch in a couple pleats at the front to bring it up to my waist, which is where you all know I like my skirts. But what is that? I'm now looking through old blog pictures to see if I've lost weight. I'll admit I've started drinking a ton more water (welcome back to my life, Crystal Light!) and I've been riding a lot but I don't think I've lost weight. Oh well, pleats here we come!

Now that that's out of the way, let's talk about how I'm probably going to jail for this picture. There's an (I assume!) small abandoned building on Main Street in Cardiganland with a blown open front and wide open back, and massive windows (boarded up, obv). I've loved this little building since I moved here and finally found time to peek in. It's perfect for inclement weather and midday shoots because it's out of the sun but there's still plenty of light.

So I went in and had a good time taking my pictures. When I came out, there was a red truck parked next to my car (the building is next to the town bank) and there was a woman at the wheel making a snarly face at me and a man writing something down. As I walked into my car they pulled out of the lot and parked in the church lot next door. My worse-comes-to-worst brain boiled up the idea that he was writing down my license plate number and they're going to report me to Cardiganland Public Safety. Kind of lame if they do, because I'm probably the only trespasser who didn't take anything or damage the property!

New topic: Help me figure out how to explain a style blog to the cops when they undoubtedly throw me in the slammer.


  1. Well luckily there is no pictorial evidence so I think you're fine... :P

  2. There's none of me damaging the property!

  3. i love this skirt on you!! what a gorgeous print. and no damage to the property -- you'll be fine! :)

    cute & little

  4. I'll write you letters while you're in prison, don't worry. Haha. I'm sure it'll be okay, just don't go back there ever again. And it isn't like you did anything to the place itself, so... fingers crossed.

    In other news, I LOVE THE COLOR YOU'VE GOT GOIN' ON. Did you make it shout-y enough to get my point across? Love it. (:

    Find me at Just Take a Bow.

  5. I think you would look fab in stripes. :) Do they still wear stripes in prison? Kidding. Most likely they just stopped to make sure no one was getting into shenanigans and since you don't look like a troublemaker in your ultra chic skirt (which looks great with the pearls by the way) they probably went off on their merry way.

    The pics are awesome too.

  6. That skirt is just perfect. Love the color and print, and will love it even more when it is raised to the waist.

  7. Sarah: thank you. I'm going to need a pen pal where I'm going! Though someone walked clean out of the local jail when he was under arrest last year, so maybe not ;) and THANKS! I always feel a little awkward wearing light green and pink because I know a lot of people in AKA but it's too awesome a combo not to wear.

    Elle: oh boy, and aren't they vertical stripes in jail? Slimming! I know I certainly don't look like your average looter and there was literally nothing to loot anyway, just some plastic bags on the floor and a lot of dust.

    Nina thank you! I really think the nips at the waist are going to make a huge difference. I think it'll also make it a little easier for me to style.

  8. Oh and Kileen thank you! I hope I'm in the clear :)