Saturday, April 23, 2011

Meal plan & pearls winner!

Necklace: JCPenney
Top: Target
Skirt: Gap
Flats: Target

Sick of this skirt yet? I'm not. Also, if you think this is a carbon copy of this outfit, that's because it is. I had to scrape together something quick/easy to wear to dinner, and this was it. My dad finally conned me out of a free meal thanks to my tax return. He tried to pay the tip but I wouldn't let him, and now he feels guilty. Mission accomplished!

Also, as promised, here's the winner of the pearls:

That's Elle! Yaaaaaaaaaay! She's been contacted. Congrats Elle! And as a "bonus" I will be stealing styling her outfit idea this coming Friday. It's gonna rock.

See y'all tomorrow maybe. If not, have a wonderful Easter (or as it's known in Cardiganland, "Hamster")!


  1. that necklace is super pretty and i'm so surprised to see it's from JCP!

    cute & little

  2. How could anyone be sick of a polka dotted skirt? I couldn't anyway, it's so happy. I love the frame that those two chairs creates, I'm going to be on the lookout for something similar now!

  3. Kileen: right?! Sometimes I have to dig at JCP but I've snagged some really sweet finds there.

    Monks: You can chill in my hood anytime. Most of the time it's sofas and recliners on front porches but that sort of counts, right?

  4. That necklace is to die for! I want it!

  5. nope, not sick of black polka dotted skirt, either. i guess you'll just have keep wearing it and showing us all your fabulous photos shoots with it!:) i am with you, every once in a while jcp just rocks....

  6. Antoinette thank you! I don't wear this necklace enough.

    Aleisha: GOOD, cause I have tons more plans for that skirt! I have found more swank stuff at JCP than I ever expected. They have some pretty dowdy stuff but it balance out with some awesome separates!

  7. You look great...I love polka dot skirts as I think they add an extra bit to any outfit...especially since I love to pair them with solid cardigans. Lovely necklace as well :)

  8. Wooooo hooooo!!!! Yay for me!!! I'm looking forward to your rockin' outfit. I like say that I "pirate" ideas instead of stealing them.
    I'm also looking forward to rockin' out with some sweet new pearls to class up my outfits.

    That is a great skirt - very versatile. Different tops and accessories and voila a whole new look.

  9. Katherine thank you! Polka dots are far and away my favourite pattern. They look great on everyone and go with nearly everything!

    Elle: YAAAAAY! I am totally looking forward to pirating your idea on Friday.