Friday, August 12, 2011

RR: style this dress

I know from experience that there are some clothing items everyone seems to own, and most of them come from Target. Target does a great job at spitting out basics with a twist, so it was no surprise that reader Jessica (Jessica party in the house!) has more than a couple of the same Target items I wear. She asked for some ideas for remixing my gray and blue striped Mossimo dress, which I adore but admittedly have had some problems remixing myself. Before we splash into my ideas from today, here's how I've worn it in the past:

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So essentially very time I've worn it I've done a top underneath, a belt, and maybe some tights. I'm surprised I haven't worn it with a cardigan over it yet because that's standard fare for me. Time to remix this sucker!

Here's what it looks like plain.

Dress: Target | Toes: butter London Henley Regatta

While I'm not uncomfortable with the deep v of the dress, it's definitely inappropriate for work, so I usually wear something underneath. Fair warning, I'm not always doing that in these pictures. Anyway, here are my ideas!

Top: JCPenney

Wear a top underneath. I really like how this looks, especially since this top has a neat collar and the sleeves are longer than the sleeves of the dress. It's a little...half lawyer, half hobo. I like it. I wore a cardigan underneath it too, but I didn't like that quite as much. Maybe because it was 85 outside.

Wear the cross ties in the back. I didn't think of this until I pulled the dress on to do something else and the ties ended up in the back. It makes the dress a little plain and is a good slate for accessories.

Top: JCPenney | Necklaces: JCPenney & Anthro | Cat: Abigail

Wear it backward. I'm all about wearing things backward, and this dress is no exception. Because of the cut of the back you'll have to wear something underneath, but this option offers a totally different neckline, which is great with a boatload of accessories.

Sweater: Anthro

Wear it as a skirt. Get a chunky sweater or a button down, belt it, and you have a completely different look. This is probably better for fall/winter but I will definitely be wearing this outfit when cooler weather comes around!

Skirt: Boden

Wear it as a top. I about peed my pants when I saw this picture because a) I look awesome and b) my outfit looks awesome. I love this particular pairing, but I think this dress would look great with a lot of different skirts. I also thought the cross ties would make things awkward but they actually look nice with the skirt. I'll definitely be wearing this combo (albeit with a camisole) to work.

So there you have it! Readers, any other suggestions for Jessica (and me!) on creative ways to wear this dress? The more the merrier!

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