Thursday, August 4, 2011

mx+b=your mom

Necklace: grandpa-made
Cardigan: Target
Top: Target
Jeans: Gap
Flats: Toms

I'm sorry for my unannounced absence, everyone! As I've mentioned before, I've been preparing for the GRE, and today was test day. I've spent most of my time offline, surrounded by papers, study guides, my iPhone doubling as a calculator, flash cards, highlighters and pencils.

So today's outfit, despite looking like I threw something on because I was late to work, was very carefully planned. The GRE is a four hour long test, so I had to be comfortable. (I'm even wearing my most comfortable bra! The more you know.) Jeans--not shorts, because I expected the computer testing room to be cold--were a must. A wearable, not pulling and not sliding up, t shirt was also necessary since I was squirming in my chair the whole time (I can't sit still anyway). A cardigan was key too, for the same reasons as the jeans, and shoes that didn't rub and were closed toe--so if I ran myself over with the rolling chair I'd be okay--were another important part of this outfit. Last but not least, you can just sort of see it in the picture above, I'm wearing a necklace my grandfather made me of a shark's tooth we found in the Gulf of Mexico when I was 7. It's always warded off monsters, and it didn't steer me wrong. I'll have to take a close up of it the next time I wear it.

Even though I wrote about Michael Vick in one of my essays because I couldn't come up with any other examples, I totally lost it during the final section, and I was shaking from the end of the test to the point where I snarfed a burrito from Chipotle an hour later, all my planning and my shark's tooth necklace seem to have paid off--my verbal score was in the 560-610 range and my math score was in the 690-750 range. Here's hoping my essay reader has a sense of humour or is an Eagles fan like me because otherwise I'm screwed! And then afterwards, as I do in times of stress, I bought nail polish. Pretty, right? Expect to see some of it in the next outfit!

And now I can start planning for the REALLY important event in my life: I'm going to see Kesha on Wednesday! THIS PLACE ABOUT TO BLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW

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