Friday, August 12, 2011

This place about to

I took the liberty of treating myself for surviving the GRE, and I did so by going to Charlotte with my friend to see LMFAO and Kesha in concert!

Crazy, right?

Here are some pictures.

LMFAO was first up and they were quite fun. There was a lot of trashy dancing, unfortunate wardrobe choices and drunken partying. It was awesome. There was a giant inflatable zebra involved at one point and it was pretty brilliant.

Did you know these guys are the son and grandson (but not father and son) of Motown Records founder Berry Gordy? Seriously. Also their group name was originally Sexy Dudes but Berry Gordy's wife suggested changing it. Wise woman.

And then there was Kesha. I refuse to use the dollar sign but I'm still a fan! Kind of amazing, and by kind of, I mean pretty much totally amazing. There was an exceptional amount of weird dancing, good singing and breaking light fixtures.

She even sang The Harold Song, which is one of my favourite songs by her. And she's actually a good singer sans autotune, which my friend and I were both pleased to note.

And at the end giant cannons fired glitter all over the audience. Glorious. The encore involved one Kesha song and all out insanity in which she, her stage crew, LMFAO, LMFAO's dance crew, Kesha's dance crew and a guy Kesha referred to only as "Santa" frolicked on stage and sang Fight for Your Right by the Beastie Boys. I always hoped there would be a day where I could scream that song with 4000 of my closest friends. brb gotta check that off my to-do list

Dress: JCPenney
Tights: Target
Glitter: copious

Oh yeah, this is what I wore. I was overclothed and undersleazed but it worked for me. It took half an hour to brush out my hair and two shampooings and a deep conditioning to keep my hair from falling all out of my head. My hair hasn't been in such a state of trauma since my junior prom. I think it's angry at me now (you may laugh but for real my hair has a mind of its own).

And when I woke up this morning (feeling slightly less like P. Diddy than I should have) there was glitter in my bed. And on my feet. And still on my boobs. Even though I showered at 3am. So forgive the lack of outfit post today--since all I wore was shorts and a tank top anyway--and hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to work on a reader request that I've been meaning to cook up. Also, I have curling tomorrow night so please hope for me that any residual glitter will be gone and not on the ice because people will be mad at me if that happens!

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