Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The seven things I didn't know about you

Button up: JCPenney
Tank: Banana Republic
Skirt: JCPenney
Flats: Toms

So Audrey tagged me for this thing (btw, are you reading her blog? You should, she's adorable), and basically I should share seven things about me, presumably things that none of my readers know. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm let's see if I can do that!

1. I played xylophone in high school. Have you ever tried marching with a xylophone harnessed to yourself? In the Miss America Parade? For three years? It was painful. But I loooooved it & miss it a lot (I still have my mallets), and if a set of bells didn't cost so much I would definitely have my own set!
2. I was the first kid in my preschool class to learn to read. It was a sign.
3. I never learned to ride a bike without training wheels. I fell once when my dad tried to teach me and never looked back.
4. Similar to one of Audrey's things--I love math, and I actually considered majoring in non-Euclidean geometry before I picked my college. Glad I didn't, but I still love it.
5. I have never seen Titanic.
6. I'm an only child and I was born to be an only child. I have never wanted a sibling, and my mom used to apologise for not having a brother/sister for me, but I finally made her stop because I would have been miserable.
7. When I was in high school I was team captain for my region in the Quiz rally at Championships East for the United States Pony Club. My team came in 11th. I still have the t-shirt!

So with that, um, I tag everyone! Yay!

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