Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Here's the skinny

Cardigan: Anthro
Top: American Eagle
Pants: JCPenney
Flats: Toms
Fingers: butter London Victoriana

Is my silhouette obvious enough in this outfit? Skinny black pants, short cardigan, curvily cut shirt. Embracing my body shape (as opposed to hiding it) has not been easy. It's been very hard to figure out how to dress for my shape, since even though today's society claims to be attracted to curves, rather than straight lines, it's quite difficult to find clothing built to fit curves correctly. And I say curves regardless of weight--being fat doesn't make a person curvy, and being curvy doesn't make a person fat. A size 2 can be curvy and she is going to have exactly as difficult a time finding pants that fit right as I do.

JCPenney (not to love on them anymore than I already do) is a little different--they have curvy fit pants that actually fit right, which is wonderful in a strange way because most of the time even then the curve of the pants falls in the wrong way, ends too soon or is too baggy down the hip. Whatever. So why not take a chance of skinny black pants (that were $7)? I almost feel like I'm wearing leggings. I don't do the skinny leg very often. But when it fits right, it's worth a try. Or...maybe I look stupid, but I don't care! That's how half my outfits turn out anyway :)

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