Saturday, August 6, 2011

Think hard, think fast

Top: Old Navy
Skirt: Walmart
Wedges: Target
Nails: butter London Wallis

Monkeyface is lucky enough to have a log cabin that she can pull out of her pocket and pose with as she pleases. (Can't you tell it's inflatable?) I finally had a day off to make the haul to the nearest public log cabin and take some pictures. I may have ripped off been inspired by Monks' outfit, too. Because my thought process isn't operating correctly right now, so thanks Monks for the influence!

My brain is still in intensive study mode despite its post-GRE state. I have to will myself to read plain old fiction again (I missed you so much, literary fiction!) and when I wake up in the morning I still think "what today, flash cards or math review?" NOTHING, BRAIN. You are going to hang out in my head and think about if you want a sandwich or Spaghettios for lunch, because that's all you need to worry about right now. Okay, and maybe where I left my iPhone.

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