Saturday, August 20, 2011

Now this is happiness

Cardigan: Target
Top: college
Pants: Target
Shoes: Olson
Broom: club provided
Smile: all mine

Well, here's something a little different. I've mentioned a couple times that I am a curler--I play third in Charlotte's club, which started last March--but you've never seen me in action. Well, you still aren't, but here's a general idea of what I wear when I curl! Fascinating, isn't it? I'm that happy because we were the red team, which won the third event. Which means we came in fifth place of six teams in the final standings, and hey, that's progress from my very first league a year ago when I played second and we came in dead last!

I call them "curling pants" but they're really yoga pants I bought at Target. They work just as well and they were $12 so no complaints here! I have a cardigan/sweatshirt with me for the beginning of the game, since I get cold very easily. Any sort of t-shirt is fine for me (I get so hot when I play even though the air temp is 31 in the ice house!) but I always, always make sure I have my curling shoes. I've received a lot of questions about what I wear on my feet when I curl, and I have to tell you guys a secret--shoes. Seriously, before I bought my curling shoes, I just wore sneakers. The ice has a pebbled texture (treated before play) to add friction to the ice, making it walkable, joggable and playable. It's pretty fantastic--I've done a fast jog and had no worries about falling. My curling shoes are slightly special because I remove the blue pad on my right foot (you can just see it behind the broom) and on the sole of my right shoe is a Teflon pad to let me slide when I throw the stone.

Is your mind blown yet? Fantastic! I just thought I'd share my sweet curling style and maybe open the floor to any comments/questions about curling. I know it's hilarious, but I loooooove playing. I can't remember what I did before curling. It's a crazy good time, and the obligatory socializing/drinking afterward doesn't hurt either!

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