Thursday, August 18, 2011

My name is Judge

Necklace: JCPenney
Top: Gap
Skirt: handmade
Toes: butter London Henley Regatta

I spend a lot of time with television. When I'm not reading/curling/riding, I watch television. On the menu this week is season three of Arrested Development, a show which I have forced upon so many people over the last five years because it is that wonderful. I'm serious, I make people take the first disc from me.

There are many, many different reasons why I love Arrested Development, and why it's been heralded as one of the greatest tv shows no one ever watched, as well as why it's won a basket of awards. Arrested Development reached levels of farce that no other network sitcom has really ever touched, and if there's one thing I adore, it is farce and satire. There are so many details in the show that every time I watch it there is something new to notice.

Another reason Arrested Development is so brilliant is that the behaviour displayed by many characters is simply an amplified version of most families. The stable parent, the drunk sister, the possibly gay uncle, the utterly insane grandparents, the awkward cousin with a crush on you. I could go on. Families are all so strange, and the Bluth family feels like your neighbour's family--you know, that one you think about to make you feel better about your family and how awkward you are. I consider myself akin to Maeby, with some questionable morals but slightly above the mess that is the rest of the family, but still imbued in that mess, for better or worse. Trapped forever, just like me.

Come on.

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