Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Necklaces: antiques shop
Sweater clip: estate sale
Cardigan: Gap
Dress: Ann Taylor
Heels: Ross

I've finally joined the 21st century by purchasing an iPhone. I broke down--or rather, my phone broke down--and I really didn't want to go to New York without a smartphone! Now that I've had half a day to play with it (I'm an expert on the subject now don't you know) I have to say I'm in love. Not quite as in love as I was with my tripod, but I certainly do enjoy my iPhone extensively.

One thing I don't like is the slightly unnerved feeling I get from using it. Will I drop it in the toilet? Lose it on the beach? Leave it on the subway? Run it over with my tractor? I probably won't do any of those things, but this is an iPhone we're talking about here. Forget children or even a boyfriend, this thing is all I can handle. OH GOD IT'S FALLING OFF THE OTTOMAN


  1. MUAHHHHHHHHHH!!!! You have joined us! I've only had mine for 2 months and I already don't know how I lived without it! We'll have an app discussion soon.
    The dress is so cute. The structure and the stripes are very complimentary.

  2. oh, my goodness, i love this post. the outfit is awesome, the electronics discussion hilarious:) thanks for your feedback on ibf. you are great!

  3. Actually I don't think they will let you in NYC without an iPhone. It's like their passport.

    I can't handle the pressure. I'm lucky my phone has a camera and texting.

    Awesome outfit all around! Also I love the umbrella - if it's going to rain we might as well be stylish about it.

    And thank you for checking out my blog. :)

  4. Meghan: Yes! I would love recs for apps, especially good free ones :) And thank you, I'm a big fan of this dress. I should wear it more!

    Aleisha thank you! I've been brewing this outfit for a while and I'm glad I finally got the chance to wear it. & you've very welcome :)

    Oh Elle I wouldn't be surprised if it was true! I really need to get a case for it but the cases at the store were so blah. maybe I'll buy a boring one and decorate it myself! I'm considering buying another umbrella because I was trapped in my house while my umbrella was in the car. I need another stylish option! & you're very welcome :)

  5. A note about cases: if you're clumsy, get an otter box. I ordered a really funky colored one off ebay. It's a mossy army green, PLUS I get the durability. I've dropped it face down in that bad boy and NOTHING HAPPENED. Not something I can say about previous phones/cases.

  6. LOL, LOL and one more LOL reading this post. :)