Monday, May 2, 2011

Ankle breakers

Three necklaces: all JCPenney
Top: Anthropologie
Skirt: JCPenney
Wedges: DSW
Toes: China Glaze First Class Ticket

There is nothing quite so awesome as a woman stopping in the middle of Main Street, rolling down her window and screaming "GIRL I LOVE YOUR SHOES" at you. There really isn't.

But let's back up, shall we?

I saw these shoes on E. in April, and I fell in shoe love. Love, I tell you. I flocked to DSW's website and was crushed to find that she shoes had already sold out! Now that's sad. So I was relegated to hoping they would come back in stock. But then my college bff E. found a pair at her DSW in northern Virginia and after a short and exciting phone call, she plucked my size off the shelf and shipped them to me post haste. They fit perfectly and are surprisingly comfortable for being five inches high (my boss measured the heel!) and I already can't wait to wear them again.

Also I hope you all don't mind yet another black and white skirt. One can never have enough, and this one has an amazing line. I might have a problem but I don't really care because I can stop anytime I want/it's better than cocaine/pockets.



  1. LOVE the shoes and LOVE the skirt!

    ps I can see the pics in greader now!

  2. Omg. That outfit it so fierce. Loving the shoes!!! E is a great friend!

  3. Brooke: thank you so much! And that's so fantastic to hear. I think I've fixed the problem but definitely let me know if it stops working again!

    Cathy: Thank you thank you! E. is an amazingsauce friend! I'm pretty lucky to have her :)

  4. I fell in love with those shoes after I saw the EXACT same post!! I can't believe you got them! They were already sold out around here. :/
    And you look GREAT in that outfit! I love the patterns and the solid together. FAB!

  5. I've been coveting these on e. as well! So jealous that you managed to find them. I really have to tell you-- your backgrounds are some of my favorite, ever.

  6. Meghan: Don't I know it! I can't believe my luck. And thank you--I felt surprisingly confident wearing this outfit!

    Oh Nina I am quite lucky indeed. Everything came together on these shoes! And thank you so much for the compliment--that's really sweet of you to say :) I'm pretty sure that of all the aspects of this blog I put the most work into picking the right locations for posts.

  7. i feel jealous that you can order a shoe size and have them fit you, because those shoes ROCK. since i was a baby i have had to mostly special order shoes my feet are fat and thick:)

    your backgrounds and outfits are AWESOME...some of my favorite colors and artwork of the day!

  8. Aleisha thank you! I'm pretty lucky to have straight sized 9 1/2 feet, though it's frustrating that some lines only carry 9 and 10. Then things get tricky.

    & thank you so much--I'm glad y'all like my backgrounds! I enjoy scouting new locations quite a bit and it makes me happy when my readers like the ones I pick :) (& of coruse that goes for outfits too!)

  9. Wow! I love the whole Ensemble!! Great Skirt!! One can never have too many black and white of anything when it comes to clothes. :) And those shoes are fantastic!

    I know what you mean by the random compliment from a stranger - isn't that the kind of thing that just makes your day.

  10. I guess I should hightail it back to DSW so I can buy all those shoes and start selling them to your devoted fans. I'm definitely hiking up the price 20% though ;)

    That skirt is very pretty. I don't know how you manage to find every awesome black and white skirt ever made.

  11. Elle: Thank you! I totally agree. Black and white is classic!

    Erin: that would be a pretty sweet scheme B) I think I have skirt radar.

  12. WHERE IS THIS LOCATION. I couldn't even be bothered to put a question mark there, I just had to shout it. Seriously it is such a perfect backdrop for this amazingly dramatic outfit. Girl. I love having my mind blown and you just keep poppin' it like crazy.

  13. Monks you are hilarious. Parking garage! They must have a slow leak somewhere and rainwater stained the walls.

  14. um, totally saw a girl wearing these shoes at the ballet tonight and thought of you and e. and totally am jealous.

  15. Hahahaha oh Brooke! You need to track yourself down a pair! Also I hope she wasn't wearing them onstage... ;)