Sunday, May 8, 2011

Up in flames

Cardigan: Boden
Top: Target
Jeans: Gap
Flats: Target via eBay

Do you remember how fascinated you were by fireplaces as a little kid? They were cool. With the wood and the pickers and the little air puffer thing. That was fun stuff!

I'm closing in on a quarter century on this earth (go me) and I still have a lot to learn about fire. Like playing with it will probably burn you. Quite literally. Most of my interaction with fire involves standing outside with the giant fireball known as the sun about a bajillion miles away, so forgive me for my shortcomings with igniting the gas grill, which ended with parts of my hair looking like this:

I don't know what happened (actually I do--I stood a little too close to the grill with the gas on while igniting with an automatic candle lighter) but hey, just fyi, this is what your hair looks like after it's been burned! The nubby bits on the ends would be, I imagine, melted and extinguished hair. The more you know, right? And I still have 99% of my hair so it's a good thing I wasn't standing closer.

Oh and I still had delicious ribs for dinner so it's all good.


  1. Great cardigan.
    Isn't the smell of burnt hair like the worst smell?

  2. Thanks Elle! I do hate the smell of burnt hair but thankfully I was outside so I didn't really smell it too much. Ugh, when my mom's horse has his shoes done and the hot shoes burn the hoof wall the smell makes me SO sick. Yuck.