Saturday, May 7, 2011

From pale to pouf

Necklace: wapa on Etsy
Top: Target
Jeans: Walmart
Wedges: Target
Fingers: China Glaze Wagon Trail

Well, obviously I didn't do FBFF yesterday. I actually took a break from the internet yesterday (whaaaaaaaat?!) and rode my horse, did some gardening and went to Charlotte for a curling meeting. It was kind of nice to take a break and do something "real" instead of checking my email constantly and refreshing Facebook.

Don't act like you don't do it too.

If you follow me on Twitter (probably not but I have Tweets on the sidebar over there!), you've noticed that I finally finished reading The Pale King, which I started reading exactly one month ago, on another Saturday when I woke up late for work! The day before I started reading The Pale King I read a review in Publisher's Weekly that stated "Many will buy it, some will start it, few will finish it." I decided to take that as a personal challenge and I did finish the sucker. So because this is my blog, here is my review:

Started poorly, ended well.

You're welcome. I know that's saved you a lot of time deciding whether to read it or not. I have decided to read A Shore Thing by none other than Snooki because my brain needs to unwind. I am on chapter three. I'm pretty sure I'll be done tomorrow. Review forthcoming!


  1. I can relate to reading things based on your brain needing to unwind. I like to think of them as "mental applesauce".

  2. Um, that's absolutely perfect. My coworkers think I'm reading Snooki ironically like a hipster would, but I really just need something that involves less thinking after all the postmodernism I absorbed with my last book!

  3. I cannot wait for the review. I would be lying if I said I didn't chuckle when I saw that was on your shelf.

  4. You can't see it right now but I am fist pumping.