Saturday, May 14, 2011

Paper doll party

Cardigan: Target
Top: JCPenney
Pants: JCPenney
Wedges: Crown Vintage via DSW
Toes: China Glaze For Audrey

I totally did not pick out this outfit. The amazing Allyson did, and I styled her next outfit! We we partnered up for the Paper Doll Project, which Suze of Miss Vinyl Ahoy came up with a few months ago. It's pretty awesome--you and your partner go through each others' posts and pick out outfits based on a piece of clothing you've picked. I chose these white pants, and Allyson did the rest! I even stole one of her poses:

And I think it all looks fantastic. Especially the shoes, because with pants I tend to think I shouldn't really wear stylish/architectural heels because they're just going to get covered up by the pant. Nope! And I really like the brown/green/blue/white combo. It reminds me of a tree with a blue sky and puffy white clouds. Yay! I love it. Thanks Allyson! I can't wait to see your outfit :)


  1. seriously love the outfit. you are a brave girl, white pants are the one thing i have never might have inpsired me to step out of my comfort zone and try them...! i am also a little computer --dumb--how do you get IFB to work for you? would love to get more traffic, etc, but not quite sure how to "branch" some advice if you have a sec.

  2. LOOKS GREAT! Allyson did a nice job picking out the clothes and you are doing a nice job wearing them!

  3. Great colors! I love how even your toenail polish matches. White pants I agree are very tricky to get coordinated - Allyson did a fantastic job and you are definitely working it!

  4. SOOOOOOO those comments from before the Blogger-pocalypse are gone but...I can FINALLY leave my comment!

    Jess, you are ROCKING this outfit. I picked the clothes, but you're making them look GOOD! This was so much fun -- THANK YOU for picking the gorgeous outfit you picked for me. You can style me anytime!

    (Also: I. Cannot. Believe. you copped my pose! I literally LOL'd when I saw that. Very, very nice one. =D

  5. The project seems like a fun one. I can't bring myself to commit to yet ANOTHER thing that I won't have time for, but it's been fun to browse when I'm "doing" my homework! You look stellar in this outfit. Hopefully it felt just as killer.

  6. Fantastic. She dressed you like a perfect spring day here and I love your Allysonesque pose, hehe :)

  7. Allyson: Thank you so, so much for being my partner. You were fantastic to work with! I had a great time doing this and I'm glad I was paired up with you--I love your blog! & your poses ;)

    Sarah: It's a blast! Maybe you can do the one this coming summer, yes? It was an awesome outfit and I might have to wear it again sometime :D

    Monks thank you! Allyson did a wonderful job styling me. As soon as I saw her pictures I knew I had to try one of her poses!