Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Growing pains

Cardigan: Target
Top: Target
Pants: JCPenney
Wedges: Target

iPhone and I have rapidly moved past the honeymoon phase of our relationship. I must've messed up the alarm clock because it was set to 8:17 pm and I woke up late. Also, the BEA app I downloaded isn't saving my agenda no matter what I try. But I can't be mad for long because my ESPN app just notified me of the final score of the Phillies' game by playing the Sportscenter theme song. I do like that.

Ok, I love it.

I'm lucky that I was able to shave off a good five minutes of my morning routine by planning this outfit. I pulled out the pants and top last night, then just threw on a cardigan (literally the first one I grabbed off the hanger) and some shoes. I didn't even pee before leaving! How did I not have bile poisoning? I'm the luckiest gal on this earth.


  1. love the red and teal! and i think i have mentioned, i love your backdrops/props/photo shoots!

  2. Thanks Aleisha! Sometimes necessity really is the mother of invention. I probably wouldn't have worn this cardigan with this top unless I didn't think about it. & thank you--I'm always looking for new places to take pictures!

  3. ha ha, cute pics. I like the peek at your coordinating toenail polish through the shoes!

  4. I love the polka dots with the blue cardigan! And those shoes! Such a great vintagey outfit!

  5. Thank you Brooke! My toenail polish needs a changeup but I really like how it looked from behind the vamp :)

    Erin: Thank you! Not too shabby for a five minute outfit, huh?

  6. Fantastic shoes! And I love the cardigan!
    I'm a weirdo - I almost always try to set my clothes out the night before. I find if I don't it takes me for-eeeeever in the morning to pick something and I end up changing a hundred times. Somehow if I set it out before I put it on and wear it no matter what. It's a mental thing I guess.

  7. Funky cute! I really like it.

  8. Elle thank you! I try to do the same thing but some nights I'm just so lazy. I totally agree though--if I lay an outfit out the night before I am way less likely to second-guess than when I pull something out in the morning.

    Meghan: thanks! Maybe that's how I should be describing my style when people ask exactly "what that is" that I'm wearing ;)