Friday, May 20, 2011

Semi-safety first

Necklace: antiques shop
Top: Target
Tank (underneath): Old Navy
Belt: Target
Skirt: JCPenney
Flats: Steve Madden via Nordstrom

This location is one of my favourites. It's part of an abandoned factory (where many other shoots have taken place) and despite being on one of my town's main streets, it's secluded enough that people aren't roaming around while I take pictures. Most of the time at least--I had a scare once here with a homeless man who chased my car down the driveway of the factory, and I didn't go back for months. It's a little scary when something like that happens.

Today I crossed paths with two dump trucks who were hauling dirt back and forth on the access road to the property neighbouring the factory, which kind of bothered me. Anyone who takes self-portraits for personal blogs (here's looking at you, Monkeyface) knows how awkward it is to come across random people while taking pictures, and it can be really, really hard to deal with. There's nothing wrong with it, of course, but some self-photographers automatically feel self-conscious when other people are watching. Even when my parents watch me take my own pictures I feel very uncomfortable.

So this is the life of a self-photographer. You drive away from creepers and hide behind trees when trucks come by. Always keep your keys with you and don't take candy from anyone. Also, if necessary, a tripod makes an excellent weapon.


  1. love the polka dots. and the color combo. adorbs.

  2. Thanks Brooke! I thought chartreuse would look terrible on me but it doesn't (thankfully)!

  3. I was wondering about that - with the self photography. Something I aspire to dabble in - non professionally of course. :) I feel silly when my hubby walks in when I'm just taking pics of my outfit. Your pics are awesome and you seem quite fearless to me!

    BTW awesome shoes! How fun is it to wear sparkly shoes.

  4. Aww Elle thank you! It's funny that I look fearless because I'm constantly keeping an eye out for random people. If the world were unpopulated I'd have a great time taking pictures of my outfits! ;) But it takes mostly just practice to find the best locations that look good and are out of the way. My first pictures were in my basement, then the yard, then the world. Slow and steady!