Sunday, May 22, 2011

Packing interlude

Well, y'all, I'm knee deep in packing and I totally am not taking pictures of my room who looks like it was hit by a clothing hurricane. And my outfit involves a slacker tee shirt and shorts. And slippers with penguins on them, because I'm cool like that. So instead, here are some random pictures from the last few weeks!

My dear nephew, baby L., is now three months old. Holy cow don't they grow fast. He fell asleep in my lap last night but he still weighs less than my cat.

Last night's sunset. It only took 4 minutes to figure out how to do manual focus on my camera so I'm improving!

The way I decide if I took a good picture is if I notice more in the photograph than I do in real life. This one did it. Even dying things are beautiful.

Birthday cake milkshake. Bad for my physical health, good for my spiritual health.

Some sort of alcoholic thing my mom had the other night at dinner.

So there's that. A couple quick things--I'll be in New York all week for BEA so posting may be intermittent to nonexistent. At the very least I'll still be doing outfit pictures and if I don't have time to post throughout the week I'll definitely post when I return! I'll be updating my Twitter obsessively both for work and for life and I'll still be checking my email. See you soon, ladies!


  1. You take such lovely photos the one of your nephew is so cute x

  2. Bookexpo? Sounds really cool!

    Great macros (I believe that's what they're called. :), I especially like the milkshake. I'd actually like a milkshake. Now, if possible.

    Have a great time! :)

  3. Super pics! There is something to be said about things that are good for your mental health!!
    Packing ugh! I always get excited about packing and either a) pack waaaaaaaayyyyyyyy tooo early or b) pack everything last minute. I always forget something. Remember to pack your toothbrush!! :) Have a great trip!!

  4. Love these pictures!! And have fun :)

  5. Thank you all! I liked taking a break from the outfit photos :) Oh and Elle I remembered the toothbrush--the one thing I forgot was a sweatshirt!