Sunday, March 27, 2011

Where in the world is Cardigan Sandiego

Cardigan: Target
Tank: Walmart
Cords: LL Bean
Sneaks: Vans

Yeah, you looked twice at that first picture, didn't you? Not really my standard fare and I thought it would look different but it is also mildly comical so I couldn't not include it!

I kind of love this outfit. It's pretty basic but I'm a big fan of how the colours really compliment each other. I really love this top (and for $5 you can't really beat the cost) but it's been hard to build an outfit around. I think I have another idea for it though, so we'll see what happens.

My sensible shoes do not match (maybe a little?) but they are sensible and since I was putting away chairs and tables today, sensible shoes are a must. Fortunately it does not get more sensible than a pair of skate shoes. Tons of arch support. You heard it here first!

Also I know I totally complained about the pollen earlier so I'm glad it rained and all but did it have to get COLD too? It went from 85 last weekend to 45 this weekend! I'm writing a letter to mother nature and giving her what for. And then I'll run and hide among the rose bushes again.


  1. i want those pants! they are fabulous! you are too!

  2. AAAHH! I love this outfit, the floral top sticking out from under the green cardi, and those amazingly awesome pants of pale yellow! They belong in my closet:) you look adorable!

  3. Aleisha thank you so much! I'm a big fan of those pants, and they were $20 which makes me love them even more :)

    Rosy: Thanks! I had a really hard time wearing these pants at first because who wears yellow pants but eventually I let go of the self-consciousness I had about the pants and now I go all out. Definitely next fall keep your eyes peeled for yellow cords!

  4. Oh I'm a big fan of yellow pants! What a cute outfit!


  5. Thanks Rebecca! I'm a pretty big fan of them too :)