Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Novem et viginti

Necklace: Anthropologie
Black top: JCPenney
White top: JCPenney
Skirt: JCPenney
Legs: pasty
Flats: Target

Or maybe I should rename this blog JCPenney Cardigan, or Animated JCPenney, or JCPenney Target. Because these are apparently the only two places where I shop!

You can't really tell, but every piece of clothing I'm wearing is patterned. I didn't notice until coworker C. mentioned my polka dot shoes matching my polka dot shirt. My skirt is striped! What am I thinking?! Also check out those fuzzies on my shirt. It's time to pick those off.

Also, coworker K. kindly photographed me today. I think she secretly likes it, and how could you not when I'm the subject? (That was me trying to be haughty but I can't do it.)

Meanwhile, coworkers F. and T. (can you tell my only friends are my coworkers?) really think I should bring in all 30 of my pieces to work tomorrow and change outfits like Anne Hathaway did at the Oscars. I can tell you right now that that idea will not come to fruition because a) I have laundry to do and I'm lazy and b) I am not lugging four pairs of shoes and six sweaters into work because I'm lazy. So really it all boils down to "I'm lazy" and isn't that a good excuse for everything?

One more day and 30 for 30 will be OVER. See you then!


  1. I can't believe 30 for 30 is almost over! I love all the patterns. So cute. I feel so busy when I do that. My outfit is moving, but I'm not.

  2. Ha that's a REALLY good way to put it. I usually feel the same way about mixing patterns on the top and bottom, like it's way too busy, but when it's small it's not as much of an issue. Also I watched an episode of What Not To Wear once and Stacy & Clinton said that you can mix/match patterns as long as they're in the same colour field. I take that to heart!