Thursday, March 10, 2011

Comfort clothing

Necklace: Anthropologie
Top: Target
Cords: LL Bean
Flats: Target

I feel so cheated from the last couple of days. I have two really, really (REALLY!) cute outfits hanging on the door of my room waiting to be worn, and the last two days I have awoken to pathetic weather. You know how sometimes you can be really pumped for an outfit and then you wake up and there is fog and rain and cold and miserable outside? You don't want to be stylish, you want comfort clothing.

Comfort clothing is like the skin's version of comfort food. When you're tired, when your boyfriend just broke up with you and you want to set his car on fire (I'm totally just making this up I swear*), when you have a bad day at work or school, when you just want to fill your piehole with ungodly goodness, you reach for what? Chocolate, if you're Monkeyface. Cheese if you're Kayla. Fried chicken if you're me. For whatever reason, it makes you feel better.

And it's the same for your body. When you wake up late, when you have an injury and you can't shower and you look a mess (totally just making this up too I swear!*), when you want to stay in bed for four more hours, when the weather sucks and you know you're going to be soaking wet when you get to class, what do you reach for? A pair of comfortable pants. Flats (or rain boots). A big sweater or your ubiquitous college hoodie.

So this morning, in the face of fog as thick as my hair, I pulled out my work appropriate comfort clothing. Nicely cut corduroys that fit my waist, an attractive but easy to wear striped top (who said horizontally striped tops were unflattering?) and a pair of flats that have practically molded to my feet I've worn them for so long. I pulled on my red winter coat and grabbed my umbrella and hoped for the best. Of course, by the time I got into work I was wet from the knee down, but that's okay.

And then the sun came out and I was miffed dang it I wanted to wear that outfit! Oh well, there's always next week, right?