Sunday, March 6, 2011

I think my tractor's sexy

Cardigan: American Eagle
Tank: Anthropologie
Jeans: Target?
Boots: Target

Technically it isn't my tractor but the property I live on is large enough to warrant a tractor. It looks great in the front yard. Actually doesn't. But it definitely is in the front yard, and I had the honour of being watched by my neighbour's kids while I took my pictures today. AWESOME

Originally my mom was going to take my pictures but it was Cold As Ice outside and there was no way no how that my mother was going to go outside and take pictures for me. So I did it myself! Fortunately my dad parked a flatbed trailer to the tractor (which is next to a horse trailer which is next to an old pickup truck ALL IN THE FRONT LAWN) so I balanced my camera on that, even though it was a little low so I look like I lost the top of my head in a barfight. I am like a kid on Christmas eve waiting for Santa/FedEx to bring this tripod.

Also I tried something mildly different with my hair! Yesterday at the children's festival I saw a teen with an awesome fishtail braid, which I forgot existed until then. I've always liked fishtails but it's been a while since my hair was long enough for it, and I think I need some practice but I like the look. A quick Google search reveals that I could do something as awesome as this with my hair. Making that a New Year's Resolution.

I'll leave you with a picture of tonight's sunset. Through a tree. I got it just for you!


  1. Fishtails are such a romantic look. Makes me think of the outdours and for some reason the beach?? Love the spotted cardigan. Enjoy your week.

  2. I love that you took pics with your tractor!I'll have to do that the next time I am at the family ranch... :)

  3. i love fishtail braids! AND that oversized-dot cardigan. cuteness and girliness all around...yes, even next to the tractor.

  4. Ahh thank you all!

    Mode Plus & Erin, I was thinking about getting my hair cut this week but I realised that if it's any shorter the fishtail won't work. I'd rather have the fishtail!

    Do it Tina! There's nothing like a tractor as a backdrop. It's both comical and awesome.

    Brittney thanks! I absolutely love this cardigan and I regret that I didn't also get it in the yellow/white colour option they had.