Friday, March 4, 2011

Mountain of cupcakes?!

Eyebrows: hardcore
Cardigan: Target
Top: JCPenney
Belt: Target
Jeans: Walmart maybe?
Flats: Shoe Carnival

Heeeeey it's Friday! Unfortunately I have a full weekend of work ahead--volunteering at work's massive children's festival tomorrow, and facilitating an exercise program Sunday--but at least today I got to sleep late and work closed early.

Also I saw R.L. Stine in the flesh. Commence jealousy now.

Since it's Friday that also means I took my camera to the Camera Doctor M.D. for help. And what did Camera Doctor M.D. say? That it was would cost more than the camera is worth to fix. She recommended hitting the grip and dealing with the buzz until it dies. And I am so not spending $300 when I could simply save that for a new SLR/clothes/a mountain made of cupcakes, so I am changing my camera's name to Buzz Lightyear and leaving it at that.

Check out that awesome hairbrush next to me. I considered taking it but I only use pink hairbrushes so what's the point?


  1. I think the new name is perfection for the camera. And it matches my new credit card. (I got the toy story chase visa!!)
    So many good things happening to you lately! Finding an awesome hairbrush, getting proposed to...where will the amazingness end?!

  2. Hopefully I will next be given seven frogs!