Monday, March 28, 2011

The facts were these

Necklace: JCPenney
Sweater: JCPenney
Belt: Target
Pants: Target
Socks: Walmart
Shoes: Payless

I had a cute outfit planned for today! I really did. It involved the colour orange, and I was excited. Then I woke up this morning and it was 47 degrees and I said eff that and put on a sweater. It isn't all that attractive and honestly it's kind of ill filling but it's comfortable and maybe if I wash it it will shrink? But the important part is that it is warm. From 85 to 45 in one week is so not working for me.

Usually I will peek in on blogville throughout the day but today I was utterly engrossed in a book that I downloaded to the department Nook yesterday. We're supposed to read six books a year outside our comfort zone to say "fresh" so I decided to try a mystery; more specifically Agatha Christie's And Then There Were None. It was amazing and brilliant and SO clever and I can see why it's sold over 100 million copies (no seriously it has). I think I want to read a Poirot! Another tv show my grandmother loved when I was little, though it was usually on too late for me to watch.

So I'm caught up on my IRL reading but so behind on blog reading. OOPS


  1. I like the red - especially with the pearls.
    I also like that you said "eff that". I try really hard not to curse. So I literally say things like "it's eff-ing cold". That made me laugh.

    The idea of reading books outside of one's comfort zone intrigues me. I love to read. I tend more to devour than read. It's like being able to take a little mini-vacation away from life. Inserting yourself into a different place and time and into a different life. You are right though - I think most people tend to gravitate toward a specific genre or genres that they prefer.

  2. I have a bright red cardigan on today! It looked a lot like mine at first (I'm reading on my phone). I don't have pictures for the day, yet. But I think we can temporarily be sweater sisters. (:

    It is totally outrageous that real life got in the way of blog life (just kidding!). It happens to me all the time. I'm hoping with my new blog here I can find the perfect balance (yeah, right).

    Just Take a Bow

  3. I really like the sweater. It adds a quality to the outfit that's like all sophisticated with the red but the shape and fit keeps it relaxed. I like it.
    I loved "and then there were none." One of the few mystery novels I've read multiple times. The genera isn't my favorite. It did spur me to read more Agatha Christie. There was only one other title of her's that I liked as much. The name escapes me at the moment. When I think of it, I'll let you know.

  4. OH! p.s.- I'm wearing the target wedges today. I SO understand why everyone has them now. Comfort level for target shoes is through the roof!

  5. Elle thank you! I do love the colour of this sweater, just wish it were a little more fitted through the waist. I am definitely the kind of person who likes a certain genre--modern literary fiction mostly, and some Victorian literature--but there are some books I've picked to read that have really helped me branch out from the norm. I also like asking people what they're reading because it helps me learn about other genres I should know!

    Yay Sarah, great minds think alike! Blog life totally butts into my real life on the daily--like where am I going to take my pictures today? Is my camera working? Would this outfit look better inside or outside? I think I have my addiction under control for now though!

    YES MEGHAN! I'm so glad you love the wedges. They are amazing and every time I get a pair of shoes from Target I'm surprised by how comfortable they are. I don't know why because their clothes are perfectly comfortable; I guess shoes are just so much harder to make supportive? I don't know. Anyway, the wedges are definitely awesome! & thanks for the moral support about the sweater--I do like it but I thought for some reason that it was more fitted than it is. Let me know if you remember the title of that AC book. I know her other really famous novels are Murder on the Orient Express of course) and The Murder of Roger Ackroyd but those are both Poirot mysteries while And Then There Were None isn't.

    Quick someone stop me I'm babbling so much.

  6. Book babble is the best kind of babble. :) I have it at home i just keep forgetting to look at it!